Sunday , August 7 2022

700 new jobs were created. . . Lithium mine has an arbitrator



Farirai Machivenyika, Harare Bureau
President Emmerson Mannwa took part in the groundbreaking ceremony of Arkadia Lite mine in Goronzki, which will invest $ 165 million into the project.

The project, led by the Australian Prospect Resources, envisages the construction of more than 700 people in the first phase and construction of roads, schools and houses.

President Mnagawa noted that the opening of the mine corresponds to the government's policy of industrialization.

"The opening of this new mine is in line with my Government's commitment to industrialization and modernization of the country," he said. "I value Prospect Resources Limited for achievement of this great success, which gives us a long way to the development of our country.

"Zimbabwe is rich in natural resources and has diversified mineral resources, one of which is lithium".

President Mnagnagva is expected to be one of the key mining sectors that plays an important role in lithium complexity.

He believes that the mining industry is crucial to achieving Vision 2030.

"In this context, we will continue to implement comprehensive reforms to increase competitiveness of our country in this and other spheres in the context of regional and global trends," President Mnaghnagva said.

He commended the Ministry of Mining and Mines and other stakeholders to speed up mine expanse.

"We are always grateful to mining and mining and other regulatory authorities to effectively simplify and complete regulatory approvals, which will enable us to implement this project in line with costs and cost of business," he said. .

"This, in its turn, has allowed investors to strengthen their readiness and mobilize project financing.

President Mnagnajva called investors to temporarily start production.

"I hope to launch this project directly," he said.

"Creating wealth and jobs as well as improving the living standards of the project should become an integral part of business models.

"I've heard that over 700 jobs will be created, mostly local, and the government is grateful for that."

President Mnčva says other advantages of the project are the transfer of technology and skills and the development of new competences.

"By expanding the scope of minerals used in our country, we are calling on mining companies to establish strategic partnerships with value chains and higher education institutions, deliberately prepared to equip their skills and technical know-how", he said. .

President Mnagnagwa has invited investors to help inclu- sive economic growth and expand the possibilities of local people.

Zimbabwe possesses the largest lithium reserves in Africa, which fix deposits in Bikita, Goronzi, and Camrote.

Arcadia Mine plans to produce 2.5 million tons of lithium per year, reaching optimal production.

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