Wednesday , May 25 2022

A car died in a car park


A 54-year-old man was shot dead on Sunday near the Welkom shopping center, while he was sitting in his car.

Police spokesman Capt. Stephen Takeng Chai said Mikaja Mohapi was in the blue VW golf.

He was shot three times in his chest and twice in his left arm.

"He was driven out of his car and the suspects drove him through his car," Takeng said.

"He was tested dead on the scene."

CCTV video footage shows that two men are allowed to go through a golf course as they go through a car.

One person shifts to one another while passing through the car.

One person looks at the driver's window, then the driver is removed from the car and drives to the parking lot.

In the background, some people run away when they see murder.

The stolen car was left next to a place called Digger's Inn.

Tacange asked anyone for information that led to the arrest of men to contact Captain Peter du Plesys by phone at 0798842179.

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