Thursday , August 18 2022

A small placenta in the lab can help prevent deadly injuries


London – Scientists hope that they can create "mini-placenta" in the laboratory, and they hope they will be able to respond to dangerous and tragic pregnancy complications such as dead and advanced eclampsia.

They are believed to be associated with placental problems for the first three months after the concept.

Small placenta, small, they are invisible, under the leadership of the University of Cambridge.

Professor Ashley Moffett, co-author of the Pathology Department of the University and the author of a study published in the journal Nature, says: "We hope that this small placenta will light up some pregnancies that do not work."

Small placenta also stimulates the protein, which acts in the form of brain vomiting. This can lead to drug addiction in the early morning illness that Catherine, Dusselding, faced in Cambridge.

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