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Advice on using DIY Aids in pharmacies


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Cape Town – southern Africans have urged their local communities to use self-testing HIV-infected drugs.

According to health experts before Saturday's World AIDS-related vaccination, the test can be done at 99% of the exact and personal life of your home. The test may be carried out with pregnancy, breastmilk and over 12 years of age.

World AIDS Day is celebrated on "Cheka Impilo – Know Your Honor" and invites all South Africans to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing.

South Africa has the largest and most widespread HIV epidemic in the world, according to Chief Executive Officer of the Association of Pharmaceutical Associations of the Independent Association (ICPA) Jackie Maimin. Last year there were 7.2 million HIV infected people.

According to Mayim, HIV-infection treatment is essential for expanding treatment and ensuring that all people living with HIV are healthy and productive.

"Currently, South Africa has its own HIV screening kit, which allows drug users to keep their private lives private. Tests are 99% accurate for HIV. An important indicator of the presence of antibodies against HIV infection, "he said.

Previously South African pharmacies were forbidden to sell HIV test packages, but this ban was canceled.

"Self-test tests work when the body's natural antibodies are found in HIV infection. In addition, self-screening tests are safe to use during pregnancy and may be over 12 years old.

"Self-examination packages are not intended for use by people in antiretroviral therapy," explained Mayim.

However, he warned that the body's immune system would last from six to twelve weeks to create antibodies against HIV.

"The HIV test is not a specific virus, but antibodies, and you can get a" false "negative test result during this window.

"For this reason, if you have a high risk of being HIV-positive, and if you suspect that you have been infected, it is important to re-test in 12 weeks."

Professional counseling will help you answer any questions you may have in your local community pharmacies, help you clarify the results and, if necessary, get referrals to your health care provider.

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