Tuesday , August 16 2022

ANC advisor VBS has become your first death


Wang Council Advisor Taibang Maupa and his wife have strangled with unknown gunmen who shot them in the car. Photo: Facebook / Thabang Maupa

Johannesburg – VBS sagan claimed his first death after the ANS consultant who wanted the party to report corruption.

Fetaqgomo, a 42-year-old man from the city of Lampopo, Tobiága Maumage, and his wife, were shot dead by car in the night on Monday with unknown gunmen.

His wife, 40, was injured, but Mao died at the scene. Due to her death, her father, ANS and Mama Moodoo, are involved in the public opinion of Fokana, whose municipality has lost to R280 million, which has now invested in a non-working VBS.

Police spokesman Brigadier Mottlaele Moghapelo said the incident had helped her to get pregnant after arriving at the family restaurant business in May 7:30.

"Upon completion, when the victims of unidentified suspects suddenly began shooting in their car, the couple was still in the car. The man was shot several times and died at the scene. The reasons for the murder were unknown at this stage, but the police opened the murder and attempted murder.

"Police are offering compensation up to 50,000 tenge for any valuable information that can lead to arrest and detention," says Mojapelo.

There is concern that the killing of Muaypah will bring other attacks on members of the HSS, who have said that the municipality's involvement in the WBD will bring other attacks. That was the reason for the division among the party members in Burghsburg.

"This is the beginning of the beginning. If ANS does not act, new mazares will be collected for its members because others will turn off. Several battles have been attacked against the WBC, "said South African Christian Pastor Derrick Moscana (Cosa).

"Maua was one of the few advisers who openly criticized the ANC and the mayor. She used meetings and social media to express her concerns.

Over the past few weeks, he has been threatened with death. He was assassinated after the meeting, where he urged them to take decisive action against the politicians involved in the VBS scandal.

The WBS is deep in this area because at the meeting, even municipal officials were opposed to holding a meeting because they did not receive salaries in November, because the council was broken down, "Musanza said.

The ANC's leading member of the VBS affirmed that it had caused friction among party members.

"Some people have to worry about the problem of this WBS, and we have to go further. But we can not do that because the municipalities under the IMF are involved – our grandmothers have lost their money due to robbery in VBS.

"We have these two factions, we have ANC," said a member of the party.

However, the regional secretary of the ANC Gary Maseko said there were many reasons for the attack on Mulipa.

"Sekuhuhun is a very dangerous deposit because the crime is very high.

"We have to leave the police to investigate.

"The IMF has made a decision that all the managers are involved in corruption-related VBS, and that will stop the chief financial officer and the municipal manager," said Maseko.


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