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Andrew Elba believes he can be "the smallest fake."


He is an actor, kickboxer, dajjey, rapper and clothing designer. That's why this year's sexiest man, Idriss Elba, will not be happy.

For the African immigrants, East London has grown as the only child, 46-year-old Elbaa "was a good boy, but my parents were very cruel." People in this week's article. "When I was 14 years old, I grew up morally, but I did."

Going to the boys' school was a bit of a "cultural blow", says the actor. Elba has been engaged in sports such as football, football and cricket. "I was a C or B student. I could not sit in class for a long time. I would be bored.

Idris Elba is leading

After being glorified, Elba knew the importance of being genuine. "When I meet someone, I can tell you what part I want to see, if they want to see this guy on television." "And sometimes you are not in real life."

But he acknowledges that he has an "invalid" side. "I told you that my parents are harsh, so there is a rebellion against me," she says, laughing. "Sometimes I have a reputation. When I say "he is not the head of a guy," I will soothe it. I think, I'm excited. Whatever risk, what will happen?

TOTAL: 9 Very good, no reason for no reason Idris Elba Ideal James Bond

Is it in English? "Whiskey is vice. It is slippery as it is very sharp alcohol, "says Elba. "When I came to the food, I could not eat meat. Lot. It's like a steak.

There are 10 tattoos in the chord, and it's easier to see more in the future. "I love my love," he adds. "They are moments in my life. My children have their names and my culture's symbols, which make up about half of Sierra Leone and Ghana. One of my favorite songs says: "This train does not commit sins." It is also a concept that can be removed only by removing the hassle or leaving it on the station.

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