Tuesday , September 27 2022

Ann suggests Malinga's loss


"I am not the only person to pay attention. I'm crying more than you think. My days are bad, but I have chosen to deal with everything in my space, with genuine caregivers, "he said.

Regarding Robert's life on earth, Ann will continue to show love for your lost loved one Having sensed that their souls are alive, you can always get reminders that you are not alone.

"You realize that even though you are suffering for the answer, you do not answer for their death, and there is no sense in life."

Looking forward to the future, Anne said that those who were in trouble would start life without asking for what had happened to Robbie.

"If I want to live, do not live in society, but live for you. They do not know your misery. They are not traveling with you. Travel is your job and your only one, "he told his followers.

"Stop diminishing when you're inside. He will not help a single inch. "

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