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Another of five people condemns the movie of the sex shooter Besson


New accusations in Paris, former model and former employees make up nine of Lucen Besson's complaints.

The French director Luke Besson appeared on a red carpet for the premiere of the Eva film, which was nominated for the contest at the 68th Berlin Film Festival on 17 February 2018 in Berlin. Photo: AFP.

PARIS, France – Five-year-old woman accused Luc Besson of being French cinema, a young actress said on Wednesday that he was raped.

According to the new accusers made in the Paris cinema, the former model and former employees, the number of women complained about adolescents is nine. The fifth element.

Among them, one of his former personal assistants, told the French Mediapart study website that he had had sex with Parisian luxury hotels.

Besson's lawyer and his company, EuropaCorp, refused to comment on new requirements when contacted by AFP.

His former assistant invited guests to the hotel at the Meiris Hotel and complained to friends who were looking for a job while he was homeless.

He said that he would be his "guardian" and begged him to give him "some love."

"I do not know why I'm allowing this situation," she said after talking about sex that did not come.


"I liked it very much," he told Mediapart. "At that time I had a good opinion of him because he was a living god for me."

Besson is one of the strongest players in French cinema, with international hits on his name Large blue and Nikita There is a studio on the outskirts of Paris.

Its 2017 Epic of Science and Epic Valery and thousands of planets The most expensive film in Europe was the budget of 158 million euros.

But 27-year-old Belgian-Dutch actor Sand Van Roy told the police that Besson was raped when he was 59 years old when dealing with producer and director.

Wang Roy, he appeared only in Besson films Valerian, who said he had put pressure on sex to keep his role.

Besson excluded his lawyer Thierry Marembert's claims of "fantastic accusations".

Casting director, often working with Besson in July, told Mediapart that he was being attacked "every time he was raised with him."

The other two women said that Besson "did not behave properly". An actress claimed that she had to escape her knees and knees from her Paris office.

Among the new accusers, theater producer Karine Isambert said she met in a London hotel room in 1995 and was hoping to start her acting career.

Besson's former two students at the Cite du Cinema film school accused him of harassment, and his former employee, EuropaCorp, kissed him and said he did not.

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