Sunday , August 7 2022

Create Buster: No, Sony does not launch a new PlayStation port switch


With 5G, Sony is for use with Sony, and, of course, Sony's portable gameplay. If PSP demonstrated 5G technology, Sony did not have to worry about the internal power and theoretical aspects, and instead had to put PS4 up god of war and Red Dead Redemption 2 portable device.

So, this is a new patent. Originally described by TechTastic, a new type of cartridge type is reminiscent of the PS Vita cartridges and therefore can be used in new theoretical, new Sony devices. Interesting, right? Not available.

Screenshot 2018 11 29 Hours 09.23.24

Our pulses in Push Square have made some excavations and have discovered that they were used in the release of the Sony Toyio toys in 2017 – this is a photograph.

However, it is unlikely that this switch will hold the new PlayStation portable key, although the switch is a game switched player and, although some of Sony is convinced that these manuscripts will not be deleted at all.

Do you think that Sony has launched a new hand-held system to compete with the switch in the future? Below, share your thoughts with us.

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