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DNA tests help you to separate the medicines


You may have seen him in one place. Personalized DNA tests are a great process in medicine. Genetic testing in South Africa is still a bit lower, but it's a prosperous business all over the world.

These DNA tests can tell us much.

Which diet is good, we can respond well to what exercises and, first of all, help us understand how we handle the medicines. It helps us to control our inheritance, but for the purpose of this article, we will consider health problems.

Have We Missed Our Genes?

Most of the results are not theoretical, correlation-based.

And there are debates that some of this information is even shared with consumers. The reports contain a lot of information about them. Some are scary, some are small. Some experts will not be able to consult you, and patients will be able to admire their results because the doctor has consulted Google.

Fortunately, DNissys' vision is to provide hourly consultation for all information. Some trials may only be requested through an accredited partner.

To help you understand what this test means, the result is merely a recommendation and does not mean that you will develop it if you make the right steps.

In addition, it is not possible to order the worst tests of the public, which speaks of the dangers of certain diseases.

These are the most popular "commercially available" trials.

DNA diet

This test defines:

  • How your body responds to carbohydrates, saturated fats, monounsaturated fats and polyamothermal oils.
  • Obesity risk
  • About how much your body is affecting body exercises and how well it should be maintained.
  • Do you have a sweet tooth gene?
  • Are your genes fit for cooking or cooking?
  • Your rhythm. Is your body present in the morning or in the evening? The evening circus rhythm may have a negative effect on the weight, as you may want to use more harmful options at night.
  • What is the diet plan best for you?

DNA health

This test will help you understand:

  • Lipid metabolism and how it affects the health of your heart.
  • Methylene is a DNA repair process.
  • Detoxification is the removal of harmful substances from your body.
  • Inflammation.
  • Can you be prone to disturbance in the stress of oxidative stress and oxidative stress?
  • Bone health is especially associated with calcium absorption and bone loss.
  • Sensitivity of insulin to the genes that have a positive or negative effect on insulin and insulin resistance.
  • Nutritional responsibility – how your body responds to lactose, caffeine, polyammetric fats, salt sensitivity, bitter taste and alcohol metabolism

My DNA test was detected

Here is a fun part. Well, it's fun for those who have studied, but less interesting to me. Because my genes were justified.

Reports are easy to get acquainted and understand with the basic codes that are impacted by your genetic guidelines. Like this.

dnaalysis review dna test results dna diet
dnaalysis review dna test results

Some results

My diet is good at diet testing. Mediterranean diet is good for optimal work. Bad news – I can not get rid of bad diet. Exercise for weight loss or loss does not help me much. This does not mean that you should ignore it, but if you want to stay in shape, the diet should take precedence.

It was a little pleasant, but not surprising, to identify issues related to methylaxis, bone health, and oxidative stress. All of them entered the "priority list". Talking about these results, she worked with my dietetic advice and spoke about working with my genes to achieve optimal health.

DNA test and autonomy medicine

The most important thing for me is to take this test to help my psychiatrist better understand how to adapt my medicines to help fight my ADHD. I just diagnosed as an adult. And with the help of this process, anybody tells you that finding the right dose of medicine can be an expensive trial and error.

I have a good response to methylphenidate (often sold under Ritalin or Concerta), but it seems that the extended release was much faster than expected.

Then I was not surprised to find that there is a genetic variant suggesting that I can treat "adverse" or "optimal" treatments.

The patient does not change the patient's optimally or comfortably. In my opinion, it's just that I can handle it differently. This variation also means that IWRM's unhealthy symptoms may not respond to medicines (if you are not mistaken in this article).

"DNA test can not diagnose ADB disorder, but your test can help the doctor design a medicine that is appropriate for your genes," explains DNA Director of Biotechnology Danny Meierfeld. "Our technology is about how genes and your body metabolize some medicines."

A, bingo.

Known as the MygeneRx report, this test can be ordered from the medcheck website, but it is advisable to do so with your doctor. It is tested to respond to various medicines and is useful for anyone who has to take prescription medicines.

Great picture should be considered. Mercerfeld explains: "If mental health and our genome help us to understand it,

In my opinion, there is extensive research in this area, but it takes time to move to clinical practice. Mental and mental health is still unclear, but we have a lot to know
is growing all the time.

And good news is the development of research. Understanding some gene variants may be limited, with an understanding of their interactions with the environment.

"I think it's an interesting part for me. It's a fate that our genes do not have the power to control and modify the gene picture by choosing our environment. It gives us the opportunity to become more active and to increase our responsibility for our health, "says Dr. Meyersfeld.

Like other trials, DNA's mental aspects are related to mental health. In particular, we look at the genes associated with the risk of mood disorders, cognitive impairment, and dependence on behavioral elements. These risk factors can be an important clinical instrument, providing an insight into the important diagnostic aspects of health practice as well as intervention strategies.

Risk of DNA Download Failure

The results showed several genetic variants associated with a number of risk factors (mutations that you want to make scientists or sounds in the X-Men group or if you want to create polymorphisms). Note the use of the word "risk factor".

If these characters are displayed (as I did for them), this is a requirement or "high priority", you can lower the dangerous rabbit if you do not confuse Googling.

That is why DNAnalysis makes things very clear and you can not order all available tests. Mr. Meyersfeld explained:

"These genes break the order. These are risk factors that can be adapted to a person / illness, but may or may not be visible, depending on the environment.

"There may be lots of reports, but it's easier to manage through a physician working through them. It should be borne in mind that the tests should be focused on the risk factors that change. hence, we allow the patient to make the necessary changes to diet, nutrition and lifestyle, which helps to overcome many of the identified risk factors.

But even if all of these steps are met, there is a risk that patients will become around the Googling material because they are interested.

One of the leaders in this 'consumer' test has been a major controversy over the past few years in the United States.

As reported AFP At the beginning of the year:

US regulators allowed the biotechnology firm 23 and the Meteorites the first company to issue reports on their genetic-based health risks.

After four years ago, the FDA focused on providing parents with information about gene-health-based health care.

According to the FDA, ten direct access to consumers was allowed to sell tests to the condition of "gene health of individual genomic activity".

Is your DNA safe?

This is another concern of the majority. Some sites that offer these tests (not all) are online, so there is danger. Sometimes it helps to keep bad guys. But that is not easy. at the same time AFP early this year:

California detectives used genetic information from a genealogical link to the network to steal the predator and murderer, who had been deprived of authority over the fourteen decades, using the DNA left on the criminal scene.

72-year-old Joseph James De Angelo is considered a "golden state murderer" responsible for 12 murders and over 50 racial and physical violence in the 1970s and 1980s – a victory for the latest science and old fashion Detective work.

"The answer was always in DNA," said Ann Marie Schubert, prosecutor of the Sacramento District.

However, it is very beautiful, it has raised concerns about confidentiality and ethics.

Professor Joseph Turow, a professor of the Anddenberg School of Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, said: "What if you did not survive genetic testing?"

The FBI maintains a database of millions of convicted criminals, but DeAngelo has no philosophical relevance and its DNA is not contained in the file – forcing the police to visit the sites of public genealogy to find the match.

The online personal data set is not limited to genealogy services such as, 23andMe or GEDmatch used to trace DeAngelo.

Yes, it's all complicated. However, learning more about how your body works is becoming more and more available in most schemes.

How does the DNA test work, and what does it mean?

DNAlizis offers the following tests – DNA diet, DNA health, DNA estrogen, DNA sport, DNA skin, DNA Thyroid Disease Risks and My Gene Rox.

The tests can be customized through the website and you will be added to a very small box. Note, however, that all orders can be ordered online. In some cases, you may need to go through an accredited practitioner – remember, what experts are talking about about these issues?

You will find the swab and plastic tube inside. Please read this manual carefully – advise you to avoid getting rid of foods, drinks and tobacco before taking the pattern.

DNA tests
Picture: Available

Simple and painless perception of the specimen: For a time, wipe the clone and insert the swab into the tube. Carefully mark the supplied labels and send them back. Tests may be sent or collected through a courier, and the whole process is simple.

Processing may take up to two to six weeks. Once you're ready to set up an hourly session to complete all of your results, you'll receive an email from the designated DNA commentator. This advice can be made over the phone or Skype.

You will also get a brief overview explaining the most important results and what can be done to improve the genetically-based diet / lifestyle.

The cost depends on the test, but depending on the selected DNA test parameter, you see two thousand rands between R2500 and R4300.

However, for a long time this may be the price you pay for your well-being.

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