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Elon Mus: "In 2018, after Tesla's presidency, she was 5 years old," experts say, that business ethics are dangerous.


Elon Musk is from PewDiePie's YouTube Meme Review.

  • Elon Mus He said in 2018 that it was such a difficult year in Tesla, "it was like aging for five years."
  • According to Musa, he works for 120 hours a week threeThe average weekly work week in the US private sector, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Recycling is an incredibly dangerous habit, research finds.

Elon Musa was forced to run Tassla in the year of trouble. "2018 has been one of the five years of aging," said Tesla's latest model, Model Y.

According to Graham Ramire of Business Insider, the company called the production "hell" of Mask, trying to earn a car and earn money.

This work did not say that Musa would not work for the first time. In August 2018, the New York Times reported that the Times would work 120 hours a week.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average weekly working week in the US private sector is 34.4 hours.

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"I had never left the plant for three or four days," says Tesla, CEO and SpaceX CEO, "The Times." "It's because of seeing my kids and seeing your friends."

The silicon valley often comes out of the New York Times interview, laughingly laughing, Mask understands the consequences of his life. She found out that her most recent birthday was dismissed and did not leave significant vacations since 2001. Moreover, he sleeps in sleep: "This is often not a choice of sleep or ambition," she told The Times.

As the CEO of two large companies, Mask will remain in daily intensive daily routine. Inc. the former head of the corporation said he did not pay much attention to phone calls, did not allow them to work with e-mail, and dropped it all up to a five-minute slot. But, apparently, he's been there for 120 hours a week.

It sounds like a lot of work.

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There is a serious danger: the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tend to have long hours of work from cardiovascular disease to suicide.

The process of working too much is not limited to the Americans. Extremely busy deaths are the most important issue in Japan karoshi. In 2017, a 31-year-old Japanese woman died of heart failure after a 150-hour job. The epidemic allowed the Japanese government to take measures to protect its citizens from a lot of work.

Too much work is not just for your family, but guilty of your colleagues is a health hazard.

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