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Flexible electronic skin helps to man-machine interaction – ScienceDaily


Human skin includes sensitive nerve cells that detect pressure, temperature, and other sensations that allow them to interact with the environment. To help the robots and prosthetic devices reach these capabilities, scientists are eager to develop electronic skins. Now researchers report a new method ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces it creates prolonged electron leather, ultrathin which can be used for human-machine interaction.

Electronic skin can be used for many prostheses, including prosthetic devices, wearable health monitors, robotics and virtual reality. The main task is to transmit ultrasonic electrical circuits to complex 3D surfaces and then have a long lasting and durable extension of the electronics. Some scientists have created flexible "electronic tattoos" for this purpose, but their production typically requires slower, more expensive and photocopying techniques such as a clean room. Mahmoud Tavakoli, Carmel Mazhadi and colleagues wanted to develop a fast, simple, and inexpensive method of producing thin film schemes with integrated microelectronics.

In a new perspective, researchers made a typical leaflet pattern on a tattoo paper with a typical desktop laser printer. Then, the sample is covered with a silver platter adhered to ink only on the printed toner ink. On top of the silver plating, the plant retained a gallium-indium liquid metal alloy that increases the electrical conductivity and chain flexibility. Finally, they add external electronics, such as microscopes, with a "glue" made of magnetic particles vertically aligned on the polyvinyl alcohol gel. The researchers have shown several applications of new techniques such as electronic tattoos on various objects, controlling the prosthetic arm of the robot, controlling human muscle activity, and connecting to the three-dimensional hand signals.


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