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Football news from Liverpool: Fabión's wife Rebecca Tavares tells the truth about PSG


Fabinho was impressed with Liverpool's big money (Picture: Getty)

Fabiano's wife, Rebecca Tavares, has blocked the rumors about the release of Liverpool through an invaluable post on Twitter.

The 25-year-old midfielder has scored 42.7 million in the summer in Monaco from Liverpool. After finishing the sterling, only three starts under Jürgen Clopp in the Premier League.

Reports of Paris-Saint-Germain's interest in bringing Fabienho to Ligu-1 could be spoken to Brazilians on Wednesday night when he met Liverpool in the Champions League.

PSG is considering a step in January and hopes for the original loan deal with Fabinho's purchase option.

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Thiago Mott and Giovani Lo Selso leave the PSG in the summer, and Thomas Tuchel climbs to the arsenal this winter.

"We need a third-level player capable of playing 4-3-3," Tuxel said last month.

However, Fabieno's wife has removed Twitter from "fake news" …

Last week, Clopp Fabinho's long-term prospect remains with Liverpool and is called "rumor."

& # 39;[Fabinho] adjusting. He played three of the last three, and he was good, "Clopp said.

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"Nowadays, the most intense period of the season has begun, and it has been used by our time to adjust to what we want.

Of course, he does not. It would not have been perfectly reasonable. The world is a world where people do not participate in a few games and are open to transfer.

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