Monday , December 6 2021

Gauri Khan and Farah Khan of Bakhchan Nanda's "Midnight Dinner" in Sweden


Farah Khan released this picture from his daughters. (Photo: Instagram)

New Delhi:

There is nothing in the night with the girls, but pictures of Shuhea Bakhchan Nanda with Gauri Khan, Farah Khan and Kajal Anandaman. After taking the episode Coffee with Gourmet with his brother Abishek Bakhchand (later learned more about it), and with Sweden's gall-palace in Mumbai. Farah photographed the monochrome filter and instructed the ladies on the next meeting: "Gauri Khan, if you order chocolate next time … and Schweitzer Bachchan, I'll take the next meeting from your phone … Kajal Anand, you're good. Swette shared an image on Instagram's story, saying: First Coffee, and then a chewing gum with minkaps. «

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<p class=Shweta Nanda's Instagram Scenario. (Photo: Instagram)

It is obvious that Swatch Bachchan was free. As we said before, he shot the episode Coffee with Gourmet, known for his film-director friend Karan Dzhokhar. We share art-stage photos from the KJo show and feel that we have a single episode of the episode.

Shveta Bakhchan – an elder of two sons of Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan. He was the author of the debut novel after his release Paradise Towers last month In Swiette, businesswoman Nikil Nanda is married and they are married to 21-year-old Navi Naveli and 18-year-old Agastia.

Also, Shweta is not the only person in the group – Gauri Khan hopes to open Mexican restaurant Sanchos. Even though she drank on Monday with her actor Shah Ruh Khan, a restaurant will open next week.

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