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Getting up on the high plate


Hyundai's latest Santa Fe is another example of the beginning of the European marks of the European marksman. Big SUV is not yet in the premium league, but it is very close, with very little money and features of the house.

The most important reason for buying a car is when it's tight and time-consuming.

Top sellers may not be concerned about availability, interest rates, and expenses, but most of them will have these aspects at the top of their list when it comes to renewing their aging families.

Like the brand itself, Hyundai Santa Fe has come in a long way. In the fourth generation, the generous proportional SUV comes with a small set of soft roads including the Little Crete, the Cona, the middle-aged Tucson.

Over the course of 18 years, Santa Fe has been softer and cheerful, from a modest, attractive, cheap, and clever to intelligence and aspiration. And this progress is reflected in most Hyundai models.

Recently, Santa Fe has three models ranging from Premium to Executive and Elite. The latter is a flagman, and also a single wheel drive.

The most striking appearance of the newcomers is the front. Large, vertical vertical grille is still unidentified Hyundai, but the special lighting system makes a variety of scenery.

The main lighting cluster is located in deep holes on both sides of the grid, and the daylight LEDs are completely separate lines of light that are close to the ceiling line. Small luminaire headlamps have deep slots below the main headlights.

The result is a minor, strong, and almost incomplete derivative, with almost aggressive appearance.

Designers of Santa Fe tried to remove some of the sloping slopes that are typical for large fibers, crossing the bush line, loosening the flanks, expanding the sill and inserting the wheels on the wheels.

The profile confirms that there are large carts with front and rear pushes, but the color indicates the adjustment of some parcels, including ceiling rails and slim spoiler integrated into the rear valve.

It is decorated with stylish trays that fit in the back of the back door with curved tail clusters and deep drainage wells.

The overall impact is reasonable and targeted, if not necessarily strong. Clearing from a relatively straightforward 185 mm location confirms that Santa Fe is a mild roadster than all land plots.

The length of 4.7 m, the new Santa Fe is older than its predecessor: 70mm and length of 10mm, more precisely. The wheelbase has grown by 65 mm, many of which are designed to make a living room cabin.

Bearing in mind that this cabin is a realistic sight of Santa Fe and is the place to spend most of the time in Hyundai, it is also important and important from the outside.

Last Santa Fe keeps three lanes, two front shoelaces and an average road leading up to three seats in the second row. This has benefited from the extra cabin space offering a more advanced room for accommodating adults.

Legroom improved on all the chairs, and then reinforced at the back of the transmission tunnel. Nevertheless, the third place is still broken and is still more suitable for younger than adults.

The third row of seats is limited in baggage capacity, although only 130 liters of cargo space – more than 5 liters from the eastern model. Place the third chair, but the luggage room jumps to useful 547 liters.

In practice, cabin performance is very impressive and is a big step forward from Santa Fe. Hyundai has created a great environment that provides reliability in visual and sensitive terms.

The perforated leather case looks and feels with a high quality luxurious sedan, with hidden keypads. Soft-touch panel cover with contrast stitches, as well as chrome accent, is added to the complex environment.

The control and instrument position is ergonomically sound, especially if not intuitive, too many buttons and switches around the cab.

The information-entertainment system with the color touch screen is standard, which gives the advantages of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but it works only if the smartphone is connected via a USB cable through the system.

Standard equipment is scalable, even when it comes to meeting the highest level of Premium.

Key features include leather, electric windows and mirrors with Bluetooth and USB connectivity, climatic control, remote central locking and rear camera remote control.

Security is entirely the same as the six pillows, ABS brakes, electrical stability control, hilltop control and ceiling assistance. Santa Fe gained a 5 star rating during the Euro-NACA Challenge Challenge.

Spend extra on the subwoofer range and increase the list in the list to include security features such as a back cover, keyless entry through keypad, LED headlights, and driver's seat power, as well as blind spot warning and horizontal traffic alert.

The advanced elite adds electric circuits, front seats, panoramic glass caps, LCD virtual machine clusters, front and rear parking spaces and electrical circuits to connect transmission lanes.

This leads us to a similar connector to all three Santa Fe models. The 2.2-liter turbo diesel engine is transported from the front range, but it is connected to a new, more refined automatic transmission with eight engines.

The new gearbox increases the speed, high speeds, improves lift and exit, and improves efficiency. Premium and executive models include front wheels and Elite Hyundai's HTRAC full drive system.

The latter defines the difference between the front and rear axles. In Eco mode, most of the power is stored on the front axle, while Comfort and Sport modes increase the rear power for double tension.

With a maximum power of 142 kW and a healthy 440 Nm peak, Santa Fe has been able to withstand the motion, which is a large torque lane that keeps horses enthusiastically driven by a large sliding track.

It has a large center rail, provides safe and fast movement, and also a lightweight cruise speed, even at the top gear. Changes in gear transmission are smooth, and when handmade is recommended, it is best to "take the box out to its own device" (and conveniently).

Though Santa Claus weighs only 1.9 tonnes, depending on the particular model, Santa Fe is still up to 100 kilometers in a well down to 10 seconds, and the maximum speed exceeds 200 km / h.

Many owners are more interested in fuel consumption, however: Hyundai is an average of 7.8 liters / 100 km for the front wheels, and 8.2 liters / 100 km for heavy AWD.

Depth 71 liters of fuel will allow you to reach approximately 850 km in the case of combined driving and can reach a maximum distance of 1000 meters on board.

For a big and relatively heavy SUV, Santa Fe feels amazingly fast. He responds with enthusiasm for the movement of the roller and shows the body cavity well. The suspension is formed without causing any damage to the journey, and the purification is amazing.

Although Santa Fe is not out of the hong hole, reach the meaning of the word anywhere, this brush is not crushed. Even for the front wheels, the model tracks the selected linear rock, sandy surfaces, and did not need any extra pull.

Of course, the elliptical model for full wheels shows large shapes and gives high slip velocity to slippery objects. He also avoided the best way for the front wheels models.

During the study, the only blocks in the book of Santa Fe were some random, but invasive wind noises around the exterior mirrors on motor speeds. Of course, this was a windy day, and we came in a random situation, but it did not match the overall class of Santa Fe.

The cost of ownership of Santa Fe starts under the R600000 for the Premium model. It's great to have Hyundai's seven-seater space and high comfort and quality.

They may be well-equipped, but the Executive and Elite versions must overcome strict competition at the appropriate pricing points. You can choose Volvo XC60 with the same power, full drive and premium appeal as the executive R659,900 does not have.

Elite can even find a tough way: R749,900 is located in the premium class competing with competitors such as BMW X3, Audi Q5 and Land Rover Discovery Sport.

This might be a high company for Kia, but Santa Fe is similar to a standard list of specs that are larger than three segments and lengths. In addition, there is another five-year / 100.00-pound jacket for winning a warranty of five years / 100.00 kilometers depending on the service plan.

For me, the Santa Fe Premium is a collection of R600000, providing a well-balanced comfort and safety for smidgen, incredible dynamics, seven space spaces and tactile quality.

This plant is of great value, and in terms of motor terms, the value is, first of all, the most attractive feature of all. DM


Santa Fe 2.2 Premium AT R599,900

Santa Fe 2.2 Executive AT R659,900

Santa Fe 2.2 Elite AT H Trac R749,900


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