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I started playing an artifact and trying to spend the money


Photo: Valve (artifact)

At the end of the valley a new game was played. Can you trust it Card-based game Dota 2, Artifact was launched in Bukhara today. After a few hours of intercourse, I can say that there are actually about a ton of material Artifact, but it's one of the coolest cards I'm playing.

Despite the obvious Blizzard comparison Hirtston and Magic: Collecting (its creator is actually ArtifactLeading designer) plays much more like a real-time strategy game card. This is not surprising Artifact inspires Dota 2, originally started to live in MOBA Warcraft 3.

Also, how incredible this is Artifact Only the name of the card game is felt. Of course, you hope to open the card bags and put the decks out, and you'll be doing well after each match starts. However, self-esteem at any moment is measured by the position of each solution and possible trading on the battlefield and the extent to which the comparative forces affect.

The game is not complicated, I swear.
Screenshot: Valve (Artifact)

Here's how Artifact play. The two players start at least 40 cards with decks, but they are as big as they want. Each has a five-letter card, such as red, blue, green, or black. Each match takes place on three battlefields, from left to right, from right to right. These separate tracks have towers on both sides, their health is 40. The characters of the players are harming every corner of the tower, unless other creatures and orders are blocked. An 80-player "Ancient" player was identified when the tower collapsed. On the one hand, the enemy's towers are divided into two separate panels, or to Ancient times.

Does it make sense?

No way. Here are some of the most important pieces, for example, the towers release the mania, you have to play it on the map, and at the end of any turn you will be given the number of dead animals, how many gold you can get, and buying stakes for free. ArtifactThe tutorial works perfectly for you to explain everything, plays you against bots, does not allow you to grind off the weeds, and mostly directs them to the scenario.

After finishing the manual, after continuing to play lots of games against opponents in conversation and customary decks, my first thoughts are:

  • Artifact should play freely. It is not. It costs $ 20. You'll have 10 bas-relief decks and 10 packages of cards, each of which usually costs $ 2. You also get 5 more action tickets that can be used to access projects to win more maps. But most of the time, you can buy cards by purchasing new bundles or purchasing them on Steam Marketplace. This means that the initial $ 20 is pre-paid rather than the full price of the game. There is a difficult time to see someone Artifact From now on, it does not spend more money than spending more money Hirtston, there is no mechanism to end the daily difficulties or to use the game currency to collect currency and slow down its collection. You just continue to spend. And about that …
You do not have to take that guy down.
Screenshot: Valve (Artifact)
  • I spend $ 16 on the Artifact's most expensive card. Ax is one of my favorite characters Dota 2. It's big, strong, red, and you have a big ax. Inside ArtifactWhen the characters are selected, the deck also has a sights card close to the automatically populated character. Ax players get an invitation from Berserker, allowing one of their heroes to fight another opponent. First of all, in the position of the game, it is a great deal.

    As a result, Ax is currently the most valuable card in the game, so it is expensive to buy directly. In addition, my intestine tells me that, in addition to math, some of my envelopes pay 16 dollars (or less), paying a lot of money on card bags. It's the magic of card games that's related to the digital market.

  • Artifact it does not fill the screen with too much information, and it will have a good balance between being inclined to see it. The game shows you one lane at a time, and you can gradually click on it or zoom in to see the whole board at once. This is much smaller Dota 2 And so on and so forth HirtstonThis is what I think is good Hirtston it can be the best interface for any game.
  • When I'm completely down, I love to worry about these little things.
Excuse me!
Screenshot: Valve (Artifact)
  • The big red X X – it is very useful. I'm not as sharp as ever. Particularly when playing at 2:00 o'clock in the evening on a bed. Artifact It's great to know what happens before you happen to happen, including how much damage your enemies and towers make in the queue, which makes it easier for you to play cards that you can play before.
  • Artifact It looks like a new card game. Since last year, we've seen a variety of card games Hirtston one of his own Dungeon Runs, and has begun soon Kill the alcohol, mechanics of weapons are based on all the cards, regulator. Artifact as well as expanding both of these ideas, can be used to create and rebuild strategy games in various contexts, including mana costs, barriers to life, and tower defense. I'm not sure I'll lose my love Artifact I did the same thing Dota 2, which looks like the best video game card ever. Excuse me, Gwent.
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