Saturday , January 28 2023

Kaplan: TMO called England


Cape Town – Jonathan Kaplan TMO did not allow the invitation England trying to beat the opponent All snow on Saturday.

When all the opponents were 16 or 15 years old, about four minutes later, T. The perforation has been blamed for the fall of England's Courtney Lewis.

Fand Sam Anderhall scored in the corner and scored in the corner, as Taggiinhem's split after thinking of a celebrity victory.

TMO Marius Jonker was, however, under the law of offsite, did not allow criticism.

52-year-old Kaplan believes that he is one of South Africa's best referees and Jonker believes it is wrong.

"I am surprised by Marius Johnker, who accused TMO Marius Jonker of not offshooting before accusing him, but I disagree with making that decision," Kaplan said on Sunday in a telegraph column.

"In the past, we have to know that there is an offside line, with no English players connected in the previous years, but after England it did not change the law," says the law at 14.10, saying that any ball player is offside line.

"It means that the laws have to come to the shore and then be on the back of the back of the cover.

"It is clear that the law was left behind by the collectives and before they left before them.

"But the most important thing is the absence or absence of a ball. If you are watching the video again, you will notice that after some time you put your hands on TJ Perenara's hands … I think if the ball is not clay and covered with other players – One thing, when the bird asked if it could not go upstairs, I was appraised by thinking about it.

"I held the hand in hand, explained it, and made a fair play for anybody, but I thought it was illegal.

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