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Kyle Jenner Travis wore a bright red trousers for Scott's concert


  • Kyle Jenner took part in New York City at Travis Scott's Astro World Tour Tuesday night.
  • He turned his head in some red trousers on Paula Knorr.
  • Jenner also saw a new shade of silver-gray.

Kyle Jenner seems to have developed a sense of style over the course of a few years, but it does not always mean that he will not experience the invisible things.

Kylie Cosmetics Mogul went on Tuesday to watch Travis Scott on the Astro World Tour in New York City. She showed Astro World Tour dress in a camel-coated dress, but her bright red high waistband trousers stole the show.

Jenner wears part of Paula Knorr's Spring / Summer 2018 series.
Splash News

The trousers are made from the "Spring / Summer 2018 Collection" by Paula Knorr and made of silk stirred lamella. The pants were slightly yellow in some lighting, but the representative of the brand confirmed that INSIDER had a red shade.

He finished a pair of white $ 648 pair with the IRO Curverunner crossover.

He showed a new ice shadow of gray hair in white.
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Jenner showed a new hair color in the concert. He blushed the gray-haired shadow of the old blonde hair.

Little masters Chris Appleton has shown a new note in Instagram earlier, explaining that he used a "Lime" light bulb in the shade of the shade to make the "ashes" shade.

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Jenner also pointed to Instagram's new look and said, "Make sure that you are playing in the garden of the famous chorus chorus today."

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