Sunday , September 25 2022

Matthew McConachy was named Idris Elba last year for those who are alive


Edisha Elba was a man of sexual orientation and could not reach the majority of the people who had claimed victory for many years. In particular, there is a superphine about who will be amazed by last year's champion Dark tower The most expensive and Sexiest Man Alive of 2005, Matthew McConaughey, said goodbye to Elba during the trip to the HIJAN in 2017.

"We have someone there," he laughs. "I know for a while that your trip is bypassed. Probably the time.

Elba McConaughey was then nominated: "No, no, I'm still alive," McConaughey commented, "I'm the Sexiest Man Alive …". This type of crown will reach you until you leave this place. If you are a believer you will lead him to the next life. «

To cover the shooting lens during the shooting, Elba thanked her for her early support. "Matthew, you invited him," he says. "I think you know … thank you, it's great honor for you to be a part of your band.

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