Sunday , August 14 2022

Mercedes-Benz will go on sale in new Mercedes-Benz GLE


As for the aesthetic qualities, Merc did not doubt that evolution from the past to now is conservative as a basis for the sale of SUV. Save some backgrounds from some of the outsourcing brands, and the last GLE class offers solid nodes for their grandmothers. Mercedes-Benz is struggling with recently-created products.

Inside, there are the clearest scenes between the old and the new. The large and intense W166 fascia has started to look at its age relative to some pure, digital-oriented settings of some alternatives.

The sophisticated technology and ease of use at the new W167 is approaching a point where consumers who are inclined to innovation in the future will feel at home. This is the second offer of the Mercedes-Benz user interface MBUX after A-Class. The most popular is that it includes an artificial intelligent on-board character A la Siri or Alexa. Catalog of sparkling riposte among the talent arsenal. When we asked him what he thought about his competitive products. "Like you, otherwise we would not be able to sit here," he replied. The inner assistant function enables the driver and the passenger to manage certain features through the hand movement. This is nothing new, but the agility of his answers is proof of impressive progress.

The selected commands can be programmed. Direct your hands on the screen in a way that is different from Volcano, and place the navigation screen in your destination. If a passenger acts in the same way, a chair massage will do his job.

How the concept of luxury changed. Since 1998, our first generation of W163 has been made for our test, with an attractive contrast with cassette players and fake wooden beams. When the GLE-class entered the South African market in the first quarter of 2019, two derivatives were initially available. Nine speeds are automatically applied automatically.

First 300 to 4Matic is good for 1 950cc, four-cylinder, turbo-diesel, 180 kW and 500 Nm. The manufacturer requires sprint time 7.2 seconds for this input point.

Next to 450 4Matic. The 2 999cc, six cylinder, turbogene-gasoline unit pumped its pulse over silk than a small container. With the output of 270 kV and 500 Nm, according to the Mercedes-Benz standard, for 5.7 seconds at 0-100 km / h. It is powered by a 48-volt battery that can power up to 16 kW and shorter amplifiers up to 250 nm. In addition to a standard 12-volt system that enhances these displays, windows and other accessories.

This 48-volt system also responds to an optional electronic active body controller. In short, this ensures the independent regulation of the suspension in each wheel. For example, it is tightened at the right angle, slowing down and at least at the ideal angles to compensate for the level of matter.

But the system is also aimed at replacing the body's roll, relying on the curve to lift the motorcycle. Try it for one second from the beginning. For the driver, the effects are very smart, the tip of the car is determined to the left or right. My engagement partner was more interested in touch, asking me to deviate from a specific curve and return comfort, its predictive characteristics.

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