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"Model 3 is a great car, but the organization that is behind it does not match"


Stefan Muller started with a big goal this year: The Nextmove car hire company has become the largest customer of Tesla Inc. in Germany. He compared the arrival of the electric car to the coast of Europe with a tsunami-driven battery-powered car.

But the expectation of Mueller was waning. After a few weeks back and forth, due to incomplete repairs and the quality of the first 15 sedan delivered by Tesla, replied to the order of 85 Model 3, from the bumper to dampness under the headlights. According to Leslie Messler, Tesla tried to transport vehicles that had previously been registered with Nextmove from the German Electric Motivation Promotion Program and the tax deductions program.

"Model 3 is a great car. Some of our customers were totally in love with him, "said Moyler, of the Leipzig Park, with more than 300 electric machines, including 38 models S and dozens of models X. But the organization behind it is incompatible. left. It's really awesome. "

The Subpar service can have a greater impact on Tesla in Germany, where car owners are proud of how well they care about the speed of their BMW and Mercedes cars. Unsurprisingly, Twitter CEO Elon Mask acknowledged earlier this year that the lack of service centers in Germany would hamper the growth of the company.

Tesla believes that Nextmove's decision to eliminate the remaining 3 Model Order is not related to quality issues, and has been affected early this year by an unrelenting dispute. The car provided the car with a customer to the customer while repairing.

Tesla's spokeswoman accused Nextmove, a registrar of the issue of identifying vehicle identification numbers in a temporary release, and said that the issue was resolved for influential customers.

The troubles of Norway

The worst service is the fact that Tesla has been experiencing problems in Norway, the largest car market in Europe. The resulting and slippery cars have led to the highest level of complaints against all automobile manufacturers, according to consumers' observers.

In Europe, Tesla is fighting against time, as more and more players are awakened in the future. In the next decade, the continent is second in the world, followed by China. Customers can choose between models such as Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar and Audi.

Muller said that the remainder of the Nextmove Model 3 had been abolished after demanding improvements and repairs. According to him, the car maker solves non-model issues.

He waited for a couple of years to replace the X-position of the car, delivered in July 2017, with his hole. Soon, the Model 3 comes with a single-tire wheel. Muller shared Bloomberg News with Tesla's correspondence and photos of fake cars.

Tesla's spokesperson says the company's data does not reflect the problems with the quality of vehicles specific to Germany or anywhere in the world. The company said that during the transportation to the customers, the cars were damaged and that they would solve these problems quickly.

& # 39; Do not worry & # 39;

Nextmove is not isolated. German social media platforms and internet forums are distributing complaints from customers to sensory feedback from suspensions. Many describe Tesla's sales organization as irresponsible.

"I am still delighted with a car because it's much better than I expected, but the quality of service and some technical issues are very worrying," said Rowen Wolk, an email client. 3 models were released in February and one month later delivery is planned.

Volk played with Odysseus with Tesla and started with a car, as it is unreliable because the display is defective. The company offered to buy 3 models in the European basin, and within a month it set a new date of delivery. Then there was a stain on the exterior and interior of the car and the rope was pulled out where there was light for the rear seats. The charging cables and winter tires he ordered were nowhere to be found.

Tesla's representative will be able to fully refund vehicles within seven days after the unsatisfied customers buy. Company data show that German customers are satisfied with their vehicles, including the quality and condition of cars at delivery.

"Typically, the adoptive parents have a lot to do for unconventional people like Tesla," said Stephen Bratzel, a researcher at the Center for Car Management in Cologne. "However, the more Tesla consumers get into the segments, the more distribution and the service they need."

Climbing charts

Tesla's sales model, the most affordable model, helped drive the fastest growing brand in Germany in the first seven months of the year, reports industrial observers. CCA. While 6 816 signals still lag behind market leaders, Tesla lags behind Jaguar and other brands Alpha Romeo.

Tesla is focusing on doubling its 17 service centers in Germany, mainly focused on Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, including urban areas. The car maker is also divided into major cities such as Kiel, Ulm and Mannheim, and lists the 16 stores in the country.

Availability of bricks and solutions is still far from extensive infrastructure built by German carmakers for decades. Volkswagen AG owns the most popular car in the country and has hundreds of special sales and repairs.

Then, Musk also improves its retail and post-sales business toward the automobile and digital services. Low-risk components with battery-powered vehicles. Tesla also plans to expand the fleet of mobile service vehicles by up to 50%, and this year, five times the mobile service in Europe, said the spokesman.

Ropes, scratches

For Volk, the rumor was stacked between 100 to 15,000 kilometers long and the front of the third driver's door. It was difficult to keep Tesla's employees, as some of his acquaintances have left the company, says Volk.

In a letter to Maltese Axle, Tesla stopped contracting its acquisition of its Model 3 in March, after Tesla had failed to respond to concerns about puzzles, including the quality of painting, scratches of passenger seats and non-functioning transceivers.

"I believe the way to deal with the most loyal Tesla fans is unfair and unstable," he wrote in his letter to the German department of the company.

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