Saturday , October 23 2021

New Ford Ranger Raptor advertising blocked …


An Australian prominent watchman blocked the Ford Ranger Raptor TV channel and forbade dangerous ghosts.

According to the news in the marketing and media industry Mammacka, According to Australian advertising standards, the commercial issue pointed to a "non-secure driving" and showed "careless" maintenance techniques.

According to the complainants, the advertisement called for "other dangerous and non-violent behavior".

Ford Australia, however, said that scenes were shot in a private place – a professional driver behind the wheel of a bike art wheel – no commercial vehicle or pedestrian.

"The Ranger Ranger Ranger Raptor is on the highway to the TV's length. Depending on the slow nature of the surface layers, there is a change of tire with Ranger Raptor chassis somewhere, – reports the Blue Oval brand. Mammacka.

"Ford shows that this dangerous movement is not on the back of the road, and that it's a test site for all driving licenses."

However, advertising standards were against the brand.

"The apparent speed of the car was reflected in the sound of the engine and the shooting technique, leaving the dryer. The vehicle seemed unsafe when the vehicle lost its speed.

Although advertising ads have been temporarily suspended, we have been able to capture a video of Ford New Zealand, but it shows the same scenes but they are slightly different in text and sound. See the ad below (alternatively, Australian version Mammacka link above) …

The article is written Ryan Bubear

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