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According to a recent study of more than 177 thousand students, duration of sleep is related to the normal living conditions among children and adolescents.

The results are insufficient due to insufficient sleep habits such as breakfast (1.30), fast food intake (OR 1.35) and regular use of candy (OR 1.32). Sleep duration was associated with increased screen time (OR 1.26) and overweight / obesity (OR 1.21).

"Senior researcher, Senior Lecturer, Labros Sidossiis, of the Department of Kinesiology and Health at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey, said:" Approximately 40 percent of students in a scientific study are sleepless. " "Sleep deficiency was associated with poor diet habits, screen scaling and obesity in the two sexes."

The American Academy of Medical Medicine offers sleeping between nine and 12 hours for children aged 6-12 to develop optimal health. Adolescents aged 13 to 18 must sleep between eight and ten hours.

Data from the population are based on a 177,091 children (51 percent male) aged between 8 and 17 in a school-based medical survey in Greece. Dietary habits, regular weekends and weekends, physical fitness status and accommodation were assessed through a completed online school survey. Typically, adolescents sleeping less than 9 hours a day and sleeping less than eight hours per day are classified as insufficient sleep. Physical education teachers were measured by anthropometric and physical training.

The majority of men showed that duration of sleep was insufficient for males (42.3% versus 37.3%) and children (42.1% vs. 32.8%) compared to adolescents. Adolescents with insufficient sleep have provided aerobic physical activity and low physical activity.

"Aerobic fitnesi's relationships with sleep habits were the most strange," says Sidossis. In other words, good habits of sleep are associated with good levels of aerobic fitness. However, good sleep may also have physical activity during the daytime. aerobic power. «

The authors noted that they support the development of interventions to help students improve their sleep duration.

"The duration of sleep in children is insufficient as the health of the West is diminished," Sidossys said. "Taking into account these epidemiological findings, parents, teachers and health care professionals should provide strategies for children of school age to demonstrate quality and duration of sleep." Medicine on Facebook and Twitter

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