Friday , August 19 2022

# News24 ICYMI: Beyonce's Letter to Madiba; Eskom interim profit grew 89% year on year; and NPA temporarily removes charges in the Estina dairy farm


The investigation denied claims of Trillian and Guppe, a founder of equitable education and prominent sexual activity and "No Threat" – the law firm of the RAMFOSA law firm, and is it yours? The rings discovered in Sandton City toilet were infected.

Here are some of today's top stories:

TESTED OBJECTIVE: EFF's complaint against Pravin Gorhan

EFF's accusations against Pravin Gordhan include a variety of misunderstandings, the News24 investigation found that the party leader's allegations of the hidden Canadian bank account are very difficult.

NPA temporarily removes charges in the Estina dairy farm

The NPP is accused of involvement in several members of the Gupta family and its business associations in the project "Free State" at the Estina dairy farm.

The Eskom interim profit was 89% a year earlier

Eskom's profit for the six months has fallen by 89% and the state's energy performance could worsen over the next six months, said Jabu Mabuza, its chairman.

The investigation is the founder of equitable education and eliminates the intense activity and closure of sexual harassment

On Tuesday, she announced any unlawful acts against the founder of the independent investigation into the sexual harassment of equality in education, Doron Isaacs and human rights activist Zaki Akhmat.

"There is no reference" – Ramaphosa strikes the law firm Trillian, Gupta

Last year, President Sandro Rosensohn confirmed that he was referring to one of the directors of the Gupta / Trillian affiliate of the Sandton-based law firm, which provides a credible account used to fund the presidential election campaign.

Beyonce wrote a letter to Madiba in South Africa

In the epistle, he first performed at the 46664 concert he had met in Mandalay, Cape Town, and first held in 2004.

2018: Two of the most dangerous Bok stalwarts

Most of the things that were made to spring furniture in the last season are Damian de Allende's backgrounds and Tendai's "Beast" are the most misleading events in Mtawarira 2018. The cause of the World Cup in Japan in 2019.

Is that yours? The rings discovered in Sandton City toilet were infected

One woman in an interview with News24 found a toilet ring holder in Santon City on Saturday.

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