Saturday , June 25 2022

Opera for Android supports cookie popup blocking


For today's Android v48, Opera has backed up blocking annoying cookies that steal web users over the past few years.

This makes Opera the first and only browser – now – this feature is for Android users only to block these types of popup windows.

The new feature will not be disabled by default. Users must be logged in to add it Parameters >> Block ads section and select "Block cookies dialogsOption.

Pop-ups for cookie confirmation Since 2011, the EU Directive has given rise to concern for web users when the EU's right to refuse to use cookies when accessing the Internet site.

The original cookie popups were only shown to EU-based users, but because some sites are geophilic about their capabilities, cookie popups are also slowing down and start irritating users around the world, not just the EU space.

While desktop desktops reduce cookie confirmation dialogs to toolbars that are visible on the top or bottom of a website, these toolbars sometimes hide half the user's screen when viewed from a mobile browser.

Opera Opera today is a problem for UX users that solves this problem by launching Opera for Android v48 for some mobile users.

The Cookie pop-up blocking feature is not expected to be at least desirable at the moment. The list of featured features for upcoming Opera v57 and v58 desktop notifications has not been set to block cookies.

Over the next few weeks, Opera will release its V57 version of its desktop browser. Opera 57 is based on chrome 70 and you can learn more about the features of the last month in this Opera blog.

Other features included with the Opera for Android feature provide good support for the Android home screen quick keyboard shortcuts, support for saving your card's card details and can be reused many times and improve browser readability. More about new features.

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