Sony Tio PS Vita PlayStation Vita 1

The patent provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment Corp., and this week's patent, assured many Japanese giant PlayStation Vita that they could work on an heir but, despite the documents that featured a new cartridge product, this is not a hypothetical hand – instead, the Sony Toio for a toy.

Many companies have hoped that PS Vita will officially end its next year as the company must be officially abandoned next year. However, the patent specifies the cartridge used in the product above and is therefore not entirely dependent.

Sony Toio PS Vita PlayStation Vita 2

The manufacturer acknowledged that handmade toys were "one of the ways to deliver game experiences", but the possibility of creating a PS Vita heir is at this stage – especially those on the PlayStation 5 art-scene. Of course, if the right situation arises, the new portable is impossible – that's exactly what it looks like right now. And this patent, unfortunately, is nothing.