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Start talking about endocrine, prostate cancer


Since prostate cancer is rapidly growing, you have to say everything to find out early. File: File

Since prostate cancer is rapidly growing, you have to say everything to find out early.

"Prostate Cancer is a slow-moving cancer, so it can be cured if it is detected at an early stage, it's important not only to treat it but also to massage information," says Abha Kumar, a urologist and an oncological consultant. Narayana Super Specialized Hospital, Hahra, has said in the press that it is not "Do not shave November" about "Prostate Cancer Awareness."

According to the Indian Medical Council (IMCR) on radiation oncology, prostate cancer is the second largest in Indian Indians such as Delhi, Colchata, Pune, and Thiruvananthapapam, and third in Bangalore and Mumbai.

Also, the frequency of prostate cancer increases rapidly and rapidly in all India-based cancer agents (PPRDs). IMCR projection data show that by 2020 the number of cases will double.

"People tend to be part of the aging process and ignore the symptoms of urine, urinary tract and loss of burning sensation," explains Kumar. 40 years old.

Doctors point out that prostatitis is a normal physiological process and usually begins 40 years later. But sometimes it causes problems and turns cancer.

Explains Kemar: "Andropysus is a condition related to the decrease in male testosterone: Hot flashes, anemia, depression and cognitive decline are some side effects. The most common prostate cancer in men with Hormonal Ablation Therapy".

Previously, prostate cancer is widely spread in western countries, but now it is growing in India. The reason for this is to identify many situations, family histories, genetic problems and living conditions.

"The high level of growth was largely related to ignorance, so we were thinking about expanding awareness through the November Debate campaign," says Summan Mallik, head of the radiotherapy department.

With the adaptation of the West, the idea of ​​this campaign is to grow its beard and explain its logic. You also save money

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