Tuesday , August 16 2022

#StateCaptureInquiry: Zuma wanted me to appoint NPA chief – former adviser to Ramatluhi


Former President Jacob Zuma wanted formerly a former adviser to mineral resources minister Ngoacoo Ramatlihi, who was head of the National Anti-Corruption Office (NPC).

Former lawyer, lawyer Mahlo Muu fie is now the chief executive officer of the Special Investigation Department (SIA). He said on September 30, 2014, that he had received a letter from the former police police officer, Natie Nhello, in the inquiry group, according to the chairman of the investigation, Chief Justice Raymond Zona.

He was a secret because he did not know why Nixon wanted him to be part of the group.

"I am not aware of the decision to invite me," he said. He asked for a meeting next year in Cape Town, Nkheleko.

"I fled to Cape Town and met with former Minister Nhlko at his office in Cape Town," he said.

He asked Nileco "to be ready for the audience with the former president Zuma," he said, "he wanted me to be appointed as an unreliable NPA director."

According to him, he eventually met Zuma and Nilko.

"The former leader of the USSR opened the discussion of the real cause of the meeting, which forced me to go to the NPA and send it."

According to him, Zuma's words "surprised".

He asked Zuma, who asked if he wanted to be the NATO chief and what he would do if he personally condemned him.

He said Zuma had decided to condemn the former National Public Prosecutor Mkholi Niassan as "unnecessary" and that he was grateful to him.

Moufe told him that it would be better to appoint one of the former president, and Zuma "was overwhelmed with it."

He also told Zuma that she had never been a prosecutor and had to appoint a law-abiding person to stabilize the NPA.

Nxasana raised the golden hand of Zuma at the cost of R17.3m and left UPA in 2015.

Earlier, his reference to his post was terminated without explanation. Then Zuma Shona Abramsan was appointed NPA.

However, on August 13, Justice Mbuyiseli found that Madlanga Zuma's decision to terminate NXasana as NDPP was abuse of power and that Abraham was an abusive user. Abraham's appointment was declared unconstitutional.

President Kirill Ramfos was given 90 days after the decision to appoint a new NPP.

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