Saturday , January 28 2023

Stogie T Sway Freestyle! Take a look at some of his great songs. | SoundcityTV Africa | Works with music


South Africa's veterans rapper Stogie T, who was born Tumi Molekane, was "morning" after enjoying AKA, Cassper Nyovest, Nasty C and Kwesta.

The Freestyle Freestyle has once again proved that Freestyle is a fashionable theme and one of the best ways to collect microphones.

"I'm one of the pioneers of the poverty and long-term success

Where the old heroes were born in the ruins of their birthplace

He cleanses the offices of the poor poor

We are pushing rocket ships like Elon Musk and we are responsible for whips

But we've all stuck with an eagle, and we do not have a saucer to drink

So, God forgives you, as if giving a half of the church to God

I'm cooking, so far no pastor can be told sculpture

It 's a Roman Catholic that Anglican, which is a African tribe, a migrant, an eagle, kidnapped children,

I think South Africa, you think of Trevor,

I think Nelson is a half-parrot, you can get mixed messages "

"These are ready sticks, tattoos and scars,

And you think you can save a few beams

They are warm and I am really in shape

38 Heavy shotguns like the Jordanian state of Utah

Stigs God, that means believing in me, I am afraid of RuPaul

But I'm wearing a comic like King Jaffe in New York

What can you do?

When I promise all the smokes, I'm Calvin Broadus, like Snoop Dogg

This is a fool's diary,

Whom should he be attacked, but I wrote them like Anne Frank

I'm probably a loser among the tyrant monsters from Baghdad

who says (Hussain) Do I hang up in the camera?

Hammers, raise M16 fork

No dancing, do not miss me at MC Hammer

I'm a graduate of Kool G, my colleagues in New York, kufi Nas,

Christ's Medal, Langston Hughes, Al-Hajj Malik al-Shabaz and their readers

It looks like an Audiobonist in the pocket

They photograph a prototype of the African legend

But do not show the king's blue Aston Martin bunk

This is a very complex and virtual virtual body, and we have got ghetto, which are concentrated in the orange juice

But Bo Brady said that he would be measured in your actions

Give them honey and illness, happiness and hurt

When Tony was like Rawley, who was flooded, we called him hope

There were times when the train opposed my ropes

We've been hitting Mary Stops all the time

And we closed all, but still he called the rabbit … "

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