Friday , August 19 2022

The biggest problem in South Africa is the "money laundered"


The South African Fraud Prevention Service (SAFPS) has made public statements about the dangers of being employed as "money laundering".

"Cash pocket" is a person who uses a bank account or another person.

This type of fraud is provided by technology such as biometric identification and affects innocent people.

"People in the street are hired as cash flow promises to use their bank accounts," said Mani van Shalkvik, SAFPS Executive Director.

These "money" are used in the form of knowingly or unknowingly with other people and are generally accepted by a person who does not have a bank account or an invisible payment.

This problem is widespread in South Africa, and SAFPS has uncovered a new category of special fraud to address the problem.

"They threaten the consumer, they will engage in criminal activities and deal with swindlers," Shalkwick said.

"It might seem like easy money, but the victim does not know how money is used and often deals with illegal trafficking, even trafficking."

Most people in South Africa work in street corners, but this issue is widespread throughout the world that is often the case in the Internet.

"There is nothing wrong about this money," says Van Schalkow.

"If you authorize your bank account to be used as intermediary for third-party banks, you are breaching a contract with the bank and written as a cash deposit".

"You can look for a criminal record for life and oppose the horrible trafficking of human trafficking."

SAFPS said it would work closely with local banks to maximize security and awareness of this type of fraud.

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