Wednesday , December 8 2021

The Eskom Crisis chooses itself for financial success – Ted Bull – a citizen


Talking about 702th Bongany Bingwa in the daily morning show, explosives made statements about the energy expert Ted Blood Escom's actions and the suppliers they use.

"As the crisis gets worse, there are two things. First, there are plenty of money stolen, and secondly, they use it as a justification to bring the price to at least 5%, "says Blom.

Blom, Eskom believes that coal supplies and financial crises have resulted in organized people's self-enrichment and self-reliance on behalf of third parties.

"There are people who are making money when there is a crisis. I am confident that today 14 new coal contracts will be paid at Eskom's coal price at least at the R200 mark price. «

Blom, who has been working for many years, says he knows employees who have been winning a large number of suppliers when they have been working for more than a decade as a coal price has broken.

It also has a negative impact on the 15% increase in the tariff offered by Eskom

"I'm waiting for my turn to open any failure in the Zondo Commission, and this is due to the knowledge and consent of the senior management … I'm a guy who spends about 50,000 rubles a month on this petrol card. Do you think you care about me and me?

He also said that the board was unable to stop because it was unaware of what actually happened in electricity.

Blom also did not optimistic about plans for electricity supply, and said that the country had abandoned the worst load we had ever seen.

"Because I have no alternative. Previously, they could plan their stocks and get some coal, and now there is no alternative.

The energy analyst announced that he had uncovered a number of Escom issues, and wrote letters to various forces, such as State Minister Pravin Gordhan, and had not received any reply to the Eskom Experts' Examiner's report on Eskom's error correction.

One of these news stories was that Escom was so involved with the inaction of the municipalities that he could not borrow.

"I think that R17 billion belongs to the Eskom municipality, R7 billion. I do not have this number, and I do not have this indicator until I make a judicial audit, but I believe that R9 billion may cost the non-systematic accountability of Escom, and this is a scandal. "

Except Escom's national representative, Khuli Paizvo, filed a suit against Bom's petition to prove his statements, Eskom refused to address his applications immediately.

On December 16, a press briefing for electricity will be held to answer a number of complaints, concerns and questions related to electricity supply to South Africa and their coal stocks.

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