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The four-year-old pedophilia maternity nurse is up to 9 years old


The mother of four children was named "pedophile" for breastfeeding her 9-year-old daughter.

Sharon Spins insisted on breastfeeding her daughter, Charlotte, who was quite normal and had a long relationship with her mother and daughter.

Sharon has discovered that his daughter had been breastfinging for ten years and decided to stop her two months ago. Spink is a supporter of the natural term "breastfeeding" and his daughter's health is very rare because of its "red milk" beneficial properties.

Sharon has been criticized for continuing to breastfeed her child in the event that she has been charged with violence. Her 50-year-old son says he wants to break stigmas and barriers to breastfeeding. According to The Sun, "When I was in Charlotte, I decided to breastfeed, not having to solve the problem, watching breast milk".

"At the beginning of this year, she lost her self: she was gradually taking part in the procedure and her choice, she did not eat well once a month, did not feel well, or fled a little, she did not work for about two months, and she told me that she would stop at the age of 10 when she was 10 he would be in April, but I think he's been coming back as long as he wants, "he continued.

Spink's decision to stop breastfeeding gradually relieves her. "Anyway, when it is declining, I'm not sad about it, but if I think it would stop suddenly, I would not miss it, but it was close to a natural end. it was his choice and it was done very slowly, and we did not talk about how he would do it anymore. And when he is old, I remind him that he is feeling a sense of comfort and security. feeding, "he explained.

"We have such a close relationship and I am sure he will continue to breastfeed for a long time, and I do not think he will be able to fix our relationship and change now, because we are better off doing it. There was nothing since the moment she stopped and she still comes to chocolate. She is safe in Charlotte. Children find a lot of comfort in the chest and grow older and become more comfortable than eating. "

Sharon shares with his three children, Kim, 30 years old, Sarah, 12 and Isabel 12 She decided to breastfeed in Charlotte for trying to deal with her 12th birthday. Last year, Sharon said, "I was breastfeeding my first two children for two weeks, and my daughter Jezebel was about six months old, but I did run into difficulties and felt no support."

"Isabel had to lose weight and formula for four months, and I decided to work for Charlotte, my first goal was six months to 12 months, then two years to WHO's lowest offer, and then how far he wanted to go I wanted to see the first days of meals, but I think you will do that for my son. I continue to do what he wants, because I know he will help him. "

At four or five years old Sharon started breastfeeding at home and said: "She has stopped eating at the age of four or five, and Charlotte can not talk about it in school. talking to classmates, reaction from the breastfeeding community – one of the support, many positive comments, usually negative reviews – typically typical keyboard warriors who write their thoughts. "

"I was called all horses under the sun, saying that I was a child of violence, I was called a pedophile, and that it was not right and I was afraid. he learned, but now he's taking a duck, he knows that Charlotte is wrong, and I understand that he or she does not know our situation, "he said.

Sharon's friends and family are very supportive.

"I think it's just normal, and I know kids should do it," she said. continued.

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