Tuesday , August 16 2022

The largest wage study in South Africa – it's people


CareerJunction Has announced a comprehensive wage analysis for 2018, indicating that it currently has more than 100 categories of work in 10 main sectors of South Africa.

Salary coverage includes the country's latest salary information, as well as regional differences in monthly remuneration. This is based on actual salary offers from the CareerJunction website from May to November 2018.

According to the results of the last year, 10 fields will consider the wage gap for intermediate and senior mortality.

This wage scale determines the size of the company's monthly premium and serves only as an average salary for each job.

The salaries listed below are subdivided into the sector and include mid-wage earnings. BusinessTech places jobs with the highest and minimum monthly wages – they are listed in terms of salaries and vary depending on their length of service.

** reflects the absence of salary information due to low market demand for these qualifications.

Administrator, office, and support

  • Maximum payment: Health, safety and the environment – R36,264
  • Minimum paid: Switches and receivers – R9,119

Architecture and engineering

  • Maximum payment: Civil / Structural Engineering – R70,826
  • Minimum paid: Engineering / Designer – R20,943

Construction and Construction

  • Maximum payment: Structured Engineering – R78,264
  • Minimum paid: Metal, iron, steel and fences – R19,833


  • Maximum payment: Financial Management – R79,002
  • Minimum paid: Consulting Financial Services – R13,567

Information technology

  • Maximum payment: IT-management – R66,141
  • Minimum paid: Systems and networks management – R27,667

Production and assembly

  • Maximum payment: Plant Management – R72,583
  • Minimum paid: Assembly and preparation – R15,333


  • Maximum payment: Marketing Management – R56,275
  • Minimum paid: Marking Assistance – R13,451

Medicine and Health

  • Maximum payment: The pharmacist is R46,025
  • Minimum paid: Pharmaceutical Assistant – R13700


  • Maximum payment: Sales management – R52,890
  • Minimum paid: Sales management – R11953

Warehouse and logistics

  • Maximum payment: Logistics Management – R52 048
  • Minimum paid: Sending and receiving – R9.354

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