Monday , June 14 2021

The mother of Siam Lee finds out about her daughter's death in the courtroom

The mother of the sex worker Siam Lee, Carmen Nans Lee, did not attend the Durban Magistrates' trial when she heard about her daughter's murder.

Philanthouse was charged with accusing him of murdering the state.

The court heard that Ntuli was alive on January 6 this year in New Hannover.

"On the morning of January 6, 2018, when the Smidots farm near Hannover, the defendant was taken out of the car and dumped it into the sugar field and poured gasoline with" Sergio Marimuthu, who was sentenced to a court trial. "

20-year-old Li died on the spot, and his remains were found on the same day as accusatory.

Causes of death after death showed that bleeding from head injury also resulted from 90% combustion.

Lie's mother, Carmen, told reporters that she was "blind" in the details of her death.

"Today I did not want to listen to him, so I really felt a fraud, but at one point I had to hear him, I saw his remains, and he was burned."

Nlouli accused Lee of kidnapping on January 4th outside the workplace on Margaret Maiton Avenue, north of Durban.

Loss of the vehicle

Although he was a former customer of Natu Lee, on or after January 4, he did not want to talk to him, and the court heard.

He decided to keep Li at his home in Hillect on the night of January 5 until midnight and kill him.

In the event of a disaster, in the event of an accident, theft, murders and attacks on illicit arms and ammunition, including attacks, criminal offenses, robbery, intimidation, kidnapping, rape, intimidation, and neglect.

Ntuli did not control a Mercedes-Benz Viano black car when Lein fled on January 4.

Margaret met with another vehicle driven by Brett Challenger, near the avenue and the intersection of Hinton.

"Notwithstanding the two traffickers who suffered losses as a result of the collision, Brett Challenger has been dropped and has lost speed."

The court also heard the story of the defendant's violence against women

He fled from Challenger and escaped to his home in Hilcross.

On January 9, Ntuli filed a complaint to OUTsurance for the damage caused to his car because of the accident at Katon-Rid on January 9.

Facing extra charges

These charges were imposed on January 4 in Durban, in accordance with the indictment.

At the residence of Ntuli on January 17, weapons and ammunition were restored.

On March 21, 2016, the court announced that Nlouli had armed the other sex worker at Escobilli Hill residence and was held in custody.

Then he raped her. He also called it "white race."

Also, Nluli has robbed two mobile phones.

He is also charged with assault on his former husband, Lucie Metyemi, on June 6, 2015 at his residence.

Ntuli is pledged to R40,000. One of her pledges is that she calls the police three times a week. His lawyer rejected the request to release the case once a week to the police station.

He will appear in the Durban Supreme Court on March 11, 2019.

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