Saturday , January 28 2023

The movie "Faipul 2" is reproduced in Fred Savage's PG-13 version


Actor Ryan Reynolds is on the red carpet at Manhattan's presentation at Newcastle's Diverpull 2. Picture: Reuters

And Aquaman himself thought that this Christmas would be a lively action super Harmonic Screen for himself.

On Friday, Ryan Reynolds published a report by Fox's "Once Upon a Time" poster, expressing noble deeds of charity, as well as a remarkable picture of boxing marketing.

Once Upon a Deadpool is a re-released version of the R-summer story that describes language and violence to ensure the P-13 rating.

Or the new version of the Reynolds tweets: "The only F in the movie is Fred Aaron Savage." Instagram also calls it "a fairy tale for zero F". Picasso Reynolds depicts an image for a deer.

The Dipper Disclosure franchise dating from the 1980s preserves this error. Savage played his grandson in 1987, reading the stories "The Bride of the Girls"; On a new stage of "Divisional Flightswell", Reynolds reads the Deadpool adventure in the same childhood bed.

Deadpool 2 has reached $ 734 million this summer – almost the first movie made in 2016. This week, Fox was reportedly looking for the PG-13 version of Deadpool for a long time.

"The Fox PG-13 basically requests since 2006," Reynolds said on Monday. "I've said no since 2006, but once in two cases I said yes, and first of all, some of the funds had to be donated, and secondly, I wanted to steal Fred Savage. explained the situation.

According to Reynolds, each ticket sold will cost 1 campaign called "Fuji Rak".

Once Upon a Deadpool opens on December 12 and goes through Christmas. It starts with Sony / Columbia animation "Spider-Man: Spider-Verse" (opening on December 14) and WB / DC "Aquaman" (released December 21) animation.

After all, what are the holidays without red and green Spandex convergence?

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