Wednesday , January 19 2022

The Presidential Council pledged to arrest NFS officials on funding diversification



President Obama's Special Investigative Group Chairman Oki Obono-Obla warned Nigeria Football Federation officials that they will be threatened or threatened by the Nigerian African Cup against South Africa on November 17th.

NFF officials, led by their first vice president, Segey Akinwoum, promised to respect the invitation, despite the letter of October 24.

Other officials include NFF second vice president, Shuhu Dikko, Ahrar Fresh Yusuf, Finance Director of NFF, Mohammed Cheku, and Alior Chukks, Marketing Department. They are investigating criminal cases and referring to the transfer of public funds.

"The NFF has asked for a refusal. We do not use democracy and Gestapo tactics, "he said.

"We called you, and now you have apologized and we apologized.

"If you do not want to come after the match, we will be able to catch you," he said.

Hugo also said that NJF President Amangue Pinnacle will also arrive.

"None of those things that I have in my presidency will be excluded," he said.

"Nowadays, any threats are not right, they allow us to do our job," he said.

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