Sunday , March 26 2023

The SA promoter protects Lerena in the doping storm


Cape Town is the best boxer in South Africa Rodney Berman went to protect the boxer Kevin Lerena he was charged with doping.

The World Boxing Council's Clean Boxing Program (VADA) was tested last month in Lerenda.

WBC posted on Wednesday a little bit of news.

Lerena has since defended her case and denied accusations, and has been supporting BDO's defending IBO World Cruiserweight champion VADA.

"However, in the absence of a pre-emptive comment from Mr. Lerena, you are publishing your results publicly, and that could damage Lenin's good reputation and reputation," wrote Berman. In a letter to President of VADA Margaret Goodman it is stated on the Golden Gloves website.

"In that case, apologizing from your community may have the same effect as the publication of your report, and it would be appropriate in that media.

Berman also sent a letter from Lerena's orthopedic surgeon, Harry Papapapio, to supplement her extensive surgery after her shoulder surgery.

"In fact, is not Kevin involved in training, and is it necessary to do doping for him? … As a moderator, of course, it does not make a mistake, maybe it should not have been, but it's always wrong. so they were terrified, "Berman said.

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