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"The Xoloben mining issue needs to be solved to attract investment"


2018. nov

Gwede Mantashe, Minister of Mineral Resources, said that the controversial Xoloben mining development in Eastern Cape should be resolved later than later as the delay would lead to attracting investment.

The minister said this when the economic cluster responded to oral questions at the National Assembly on Wednesday afternoon.

His comments occurred in the midst of a debate given by an Australian mining company in the area.

– Let me talk a bit about Xolobeni. The theme of Xolobeni has been on the table since 2002.

"No decision was made and they were not implemented. That is my commitment … that the question should be concluded sooner … instead of holding it from 2002 to 2018. For 16 years, this is a bad way for investors," Mantashe said.

EFF Yoliswa Yako initially asked Mantashe to negotiate a quick follow-up to the Xolobeni area when meeting with Mineral Commodities Limited in Australia.

In his reply, Mantashe said a South African delegation called a mining summit called Africa Down Under, which corresponds to Australia's Minaba Indaba.

"So we went there and our message was very simple: South Africa was a good investment objective, and we talked with a number of mining companies, not just Xolobeni, with no commitment to Xolobeni.

"We have committed ourselves to being a good investment target for South Africa, especially for mining. So, at the meeting of various mining companies, we were encouraged to come and invest," he said.

Creating a team to stimulate the performance of the mining sector

Meanwhile, Mantashe was asked how the newly published Mining Charter would achieve the goal of stimulating the economy, regulatory security, sustainable growth and creating a competitive and transformed mining sector.

"Journalism of the Mining Charter has put an end to one of the most prominent political and regulatory uncertainties that led to rating 91 of the 81st Fraser Institute, when it comes to security policy.

"This has had an impact on the attractiveness of South Africa's investment. We understand that insecurity alone is not enough, so creating a team on competitiveness, sustainability and transformation, working directly with the sector, focusing on mining and contributing to economic performance. "-

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