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There are 6 things that KPMG SA did not know about a person to rescue


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  • KPMG announced the appointment of Ignatius Sehoole as its CEO.
  • Sehoole replaced Nhlamulo Dlomu, which did not last long, which in its turn tries to save the company's reputation.
  • This is not KPMG's new CEO. He first denied the door to Deloitte.

The new CEO of KPMG SA Ignatyus Seokhol will work strictly with the firm, which is closely associated with the first shooting of the state and then with the fall of VBS Mutual Bank. Former CEO Nhlamullo Doumou, who was appointed a year ago, left the company "globally strategic."

But Seoel looks inaccurate – maybe a complicated and complicated story.

Absolutely the waters and problematic companies are not new to it, and even under the belt

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It's six things that KPMG's new CEO did not know about.

He was financially influenced by white people

Sehoole has a high degree of commercial diploma from the University of Vista and a certificate of Unisa, as well as a general management diploma from the Ashridge College of Management in the UK. He is a qualified leasing accountant for the philosophical food services and is cutting off his teeth.

"I chose the BCom because I was interested in this subject and I wanted to change this coefficient," said Sneaker Sehoole Business Insider SA, Fin24, in 2009.

He was dismissed from his first university

Vista and Unisa did not study at the Seoul University first. He started as a BCOM student at the Northern (now Limpopo) University, but said that he had been fined for the first time in his first year at FinN24, when he was financed by a boarding school at the university, including his money.

This is not the first step in KPMG – Deloitte (first)

Seochol is no longer an outsider to an auditing company. He joined KPMG after not submitting to Deloitte's Articles Program, where he did not pass the test for the auditors. However, he decided to join a reputable firm, he started at KPMG and worked for Deloitte another year. This time he entered.

She helped build Thuthuka Program Benefits Program

The Thuthuka Scholarship is one of the most popular ones because of its origin, one of which is the CA's leadership.

As SAICA President of Sehoole, SA played an active role in continuing the program in 2001 to increase the efficiency of CAs, especially in the black CAs.

He was short in teaching

She lectured at Seochol University of Technology for one year. Commenting on the days of study, he said to Fin24: "I like to see people trying to develop and strengthen people, and that they can be good, which brings me great satisfaction."

Once he tried to stop his work in Tarnnee three months later

When he started his career he worked at Sehoole Transnecks.

"After working for three months for the Transnestrian, I wanted to resign, but they spent 3 months in advance, and I worked for nine months," he says.

According to him, the institution may feel that tension and it is another way of tomorrow when it says, "I can not fight tomorrow."

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