Tuesday , August 16 2022

This woman is looking for her husband's husband's murder


Cape Town – The police are looking for a woman who admits her husband murdered a policeman in Samora Mahél.

Constable Mneli Jobela was shot dead in the back of her head, at the beginning of October, at Oliver Tambo Drive, Samora Mackel.

He is believed to have hired two people to shoot. Police did not confirm this, but two of the suspects were arrested.

"If you know where Cambodia is or if you can help it find its way, then contact the Detective Sergeant of West Massachusetts Detective DeLon Lots by phone at 0824434587/021 918-3860," said police spokesman Andre Trout.

«2017-10-06 At 03:30, the Constable Mneli Jobel body, Oliver Tambo Drive, was found on Samora Machel's car.

"His head was hit by gunshot wounds and then interrogated three suspects with an incident, two of them were arrested.

"32-year-old Khanba Kaysis has a good reason to convince her of the wife of the deceased woman that she can be arrested and taken to the East Gates, and all information is confidential," he said.

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