Saturday , June 3 2023

Thank you for the king's attention, and this is the number of books read


In the Arab Reading Challenge organized by the United Arab Emirates, daughter of Mariam Amjun, daughter of Taounate City, daughter of Taounate City, returned to her native country.Your Parliament"From the Mohammed V airport in Casablanca, he welcomes and grateful to King VI Mohammed, who was proud of his dedication and dedication.

Amgoun said he read more than 200 books, the Arab challenge to read 60.

Maryam also spoke of his love for poetry and Antara Ben Shaddad's dialect, saying "This is aesthetic and precision characterizing", referring to some of his verses.

Amyus also pointed out the same claim that he had read books in various fields because he dreamed of being an educated and cosmopolitan person.

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