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5 common myths about bone fractures and why they are wrong


1. If you can move it, it is not broken

First of all, someone tells you when you are feeling stressed when you are feeling pain after a severe stroke.

But the truth is that sometimes you can move the broken bone, even if you move your finger, do not trust yourself.

Three major symptoms of broken bone are pain, swelling and deformation.

If the collision occurs through the skin after an accident, that is a bad sign.

Another sign is listening to it.

What are bone fractures due to stress and are they suffering?

It is a bad sign if it comes out of the skin after a collision

2. If the bone is broken, you will feel very scared


Of course, you may have heard a friend tell you about this incident, and then did not know how to break the ski and dance.

Most broken bones will suffer more damage, but if you have little time, you will not notice it.

When the bones are really damaged, it is important to get professional help to ensure that the bones are properly stabilized and preserved while healing the bones.

This way you can avoid infections or permanent deformation.

Even if you were not terribly scared, you would break something

3 Elderly women (especially white women) should be bothered by broken osteoporosis

We will start from the beginning.

In fact, elderly women are more prone to fractures than younger women.

Hormonal changes in menopause may lead to rapid loss of bones and fractures common to osteoporosis.

In the United States, for example, black women, women have twice as many hip fractures.

There are several factors that explain this difference. For example, a decrease in bone turnover that can lead to a slow decrease in bone mass and age of the bone mineral density at the childhood of black women.

In addition, black women may suffer from osteoporosis.

4. Do not go to your doctor with your finger because they can not do anything

You will not be allowed to rescue you, but you will need to go to see a doctor yet.

Medical workers should define the nature of fractures in order to avoid injury or long-term deformation, which may cause an injury to the shoe or arthritis in the event of an unhealthy cure.

If you are in the angle of injury after injury, you will need a serious treatment or even surgery.

Most broken fingers can be locked with adhesive tape and can handle special shoes.

Usually treatment takes 4-6 weeks.

The major abdominal pains are severe, and some people require calf length for two to three weeks.

Fortunately, half of your big fingers may fall like your fingers.

If breakage occurs in metatarsal bones, they can cure without any gypsum when they are legs.

But if there are scars that have open fractures or if the bone is not normalized, treatment may be needed.

Even if you do not need gypsum, it is desirable to treat your broken fingers for medical professionals.

After they abandon serious injuries, break your fingers and cover them with a mild filler.

They also know that walking for chairs for several weeks will be helpful.

The doctor knows that for several weeks he can be in the chair

5. After the broken bone is healed, it will become stronger

If it seems to be very good to be true, then that is not true in the long term.

But in the short term, there are some truths.

In the treatment process, an additional stronger new bone injury occurs around the fracture to protect it.

Therefore, during a few weeks of treatment, the bone in the pause is stronger than normal bones.

But in time, this bracelet will diminish, and in a few years you will have one bone, like other bones.

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