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A 13-year-old boy suffered four bikes at Pinamar – 31.12.1820

A 13-year-old boy has ended in the hospital In Pinamar, after the four bicycle cycles in the north of the city.

A juvenile was a car driver competitive quadrics, The migration of the northern part of the municipality and the migration.

The young man was distributed outside the "safe zone" distributed by the municipality, but the founders of the Villages Hespel said there were no signs of different regions.

The problem of each season at the Pinarama (Andrés D & # 39; Elia)

The problem of each season at the Pinarama (Andrés D & # 39; Elia)

The boy was probably driving No helmet and is locked during walking. Depending on the accident, the front of the face should be treated with soft tissue damage and treated at Pinamar's Public Hospital Clarin Eduardo D'Augustino, a municipal healthcare spokesperson, denied any breaks as he went missing.

The Mayor of Pinamar, Martin Ena, confirmed that the accident was a "private property", and entered a circle of minibuses in a minibus. "We had to go somewhere without the Palisade, but some impinges had to be broken," says Yeza. Four quadratos, the National Road Safety Agency, regional police and agents transit municipalities.

Nevertheless, the official acknowledged that the sign that indicated the safe zone for circulation within four days would be available in "the nearest future".

You need to have four bikes He is over 16 years old and has a license. This summer, the new rules for these vehicles come into force all along the coast, which are currently only permitted in the corridors designed for each municipality to reach a recreational use area.

In Pinamar (Pinamar Mayor's Office), zones can be walked by zones,

In Pinamar (Pinamar Mayor's Office), zones can be walked by zones,

Thus, circulation in the municipality of Pinamar is allowed three beach zones: To the north of the Pinamar, to Valeria del Mar from Hemingway to Carilou, and Divisadoro to Carillou Willie Hezell. This prohibition is on the public beach.

The mayor of Pinamarñas explained that the penalty for violation could be between 12,000 and 50,000 pesos in the forbidden area and forbidden territory, ending with the victim. In addition to economic penalties for sanctions against those who violate these vehicle regulations, the security forces are sent to the police stealing police.

Report: Julieta Roffo (Special Envoy)

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