Monday , September 27 2021

A 18-year-old boy was shot dead on fabricated criminal charges

His best friend, after being proved, wanted to punish him and publish him on the lines of sexual harassment. The girl then acknowledged that she had lied and apologized. But it was too late, the young man succeeded

Agustín Muñoz was 18 years old and lived in Bariloche. A few weeks ago, when complemented the complain, his friend was reported through social networks. And the subject was viral. When that girl asked for forgiveness on that day, she explained that everything was wrong. But it was late. Augustin himself killed himself.

When Bariloche was in custody, the girl was underage, accusing her of abusing her. His friend suddenly left, saying that it was not "the truth," but "doing so" at an angry moment. It was late. The complaint was very popular in social networks. Stable, irrevocable.

Silvia Castañada, a young man's mother, said: "My son was very sensitive, like many other boys, and as a result, he did not emotionally balanced until he reached the decision we made. to all people ".

Agustin visited the women's center in early December under the slogan "Not free, it's never calm", calling for the murder of dozens of young men in the civilian center and the murdered woman. But then one of his friends blamed him for sexually abusive, then social media.

The author of the complaint, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, is the best friend to have his argument, and the protesters do not push the escher, without confirming the truthfulness of the facts. On the day of the parade on the corner of Brown and Onelli streets, the young man returned home to his room.

In the following days Agastin ceased to communicate with other people and remained in deep depression. He was a member of a public organization complaining about violations in Bariloche, and offered to attend another parade where he was told that his case was false. However, this isolated action is drowned in the dark spiral.


Agustin's mother, Silvia, says Castagnía's son has always been involved in marches with her teachers, pupils and women, "She is a strong guy who has great support for women's rights protection".

That is why he went to the march, and he was surprised by his name.

"He got upset and ran home, he made it very difficult, he told me what happened to me, when we went to search for viral publications, I went in contact with this service, he loved us, and we apologized to him, and we should try to stop everything." said the woman.

According to Agustin's parents, she understood that her teenage boyfriend was a method of punishing her friend after the fight. At the same time, she wrote a number of messages on the networks that Agustín described as defamatory. The claim was immediately virus-related.

"Today, my son was angry at Instagram, and my son was persecuted, and now he does not know how to stop the ball," wrote Auguste's mother. "It's a shame to all victims of horror, rape, violence, and humiliation. If you care about a lot of home, I do not understand how you paid for my friendship with my son! It's not enough to apologize. "

False information spread like a fire, and the young girl tried to stop it, but it was too late. "It was an angry moment and a moment," wrote Instagram. However, Augustine fell asleep in the depression hole and did not eat.

"People take memory as a public example, but the pardon is not the same virus,

Silvina Castañeda Agustín's mother

"There is a list of guys that we all know. But it's a very dangerous thing, nothing is balanced from the youth, "wrote her mother, Silvia," but here it should be a restriction that you can not bring those children to the same syllables, and we are breaking them equally, is not a useful tool for adult education. "

In her network, Silvia announced a talk with the ministry and captured the girl's public apology.

"It was an angry and angry moment," he wrote in an Instagram account not active for correcting his complaint. "I did not know how to handle this limitation." She also apologized for "slander" and "for repeatedly sending me a flimsy confidence in her home". You learn from mistakes, I sent them to you, "he said.

"We looked at him with great enthusiasm and, in my opinion, tried to stop everything and apologized promptly," Silvina said, adding that Agustín "forgave each other very much." However, the complaint remained viral and his son was depressed. "She was bad, and she did not eat on the bed," says her mother.

"People take memory as a public example, sample, sample, but pardon is not the same virus. No one approached, no one apologized. There are always problems with children, but adults have been destructive, and many children in their home should undergo this situation, "she said.

Finally, Agustin's parents found juveniles guilty of adultery while investigating information and taking necessary measures to protect their child.

"Today, on December 30th, they attack a person who has made a mistake. I just tried to create awareness, and I do not hate anyone. My son forgave him and it is very important. Do not attack the girl, her family is terrifying, "said Augustine's mother.

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