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A new dinosaur has been found in the bag of opalic acid

Miss Opeman Mike Poben opened in 2013.

Miss Opeman Mike Poben opened in 2013.

It can have as many as 16 mm and 25 mm fragments and the same kind of knowledge, he said.

These are very important extracts, if it can not achieve a lot of success, and if it is not easy for Mr. Poblen's eyes to get fused.

It opened in August 2013, after having bought a few balls from the lightning mines. One bag was not so good, so it was sold for sale. On the other hand, he was thoroughly thoroughly aware of the past experience, knowing that "substandard items" were sometimes excavated.

"Bones or teeth are very rare, very rarely seen, but it's not a lot of trees … pine cone, artificial buttons," he said. But when he broke the bag, something like a tooth fell on his eyes.

"The teeth in the back of my head" said, "I did not know it was a dinosaur, but I thought it was a rotary fan's teeth," he said. "It was a moment, and I was surprised."

Also, nobody could buy another bag. Nine days later, he returned to Poben, and he gave him a very close look. "Of course, on one side there was a small part with sparkling, toothpicks … My first thought is" not the other bone ".

Fragments of 16 mm and 25 mm.

Fragments of 16 mm and 25 mm.Credit:Mike Poben

He grabbed the other parts and compared them and realized that he was even better.

"If it were a movie, then it was the golden sunshine on both sides of that pelvis."

Mr. Poben warned the wheel Bell and the UNE team at Armedale, and Lightning Ridge crashes into the Australian Opal Center.

After two years of training, the group has identified new species and published research papers Peerj on Tuesday.

If this film is, then there will be a golden sun lantern on both sides of that horizon.

Opal Minesweeper Mike Poben

When Doctor Balls is able to find fossils in Australia's opal sites, Lightning Ridge is the only instrument to produce dinosaurs. And any news is related to testing the opal production through small fragments of "ending up", and scientists are still the top of the iceberg.

"It's a truly wonderful ecosystem that still tells new things," says Dr. Bell. "We are now rebuilding new species.

Indirectly, the mining industry

"If these wastes occur in China and Mongolia, it will be an absolute treasure when it comes to rocky terrain," says Dr. Bail. But Australian surface layers predetermine the dinosaurs, so scientists are only able to digest the local species.

This "unique scenario" suggests that the extraction process leads to the destruction of fossils but still plays an important role.

"All these rocks are underground," said Dr. Bell. "The right kind of rocks is not on the surface, but in the usual dinosaur expedition, we go to the page looking for the bone. We have no lightning in our lightning.

"When you saw a finished bone at a time, you would not have seen it at all."

That's why it is not economically profitable at the university, but it is looking for well-known mines.

"Like palaeontologists, we do not always have enough information," says Dr. Bail. "We give the miners everything for us."

Jenny Neuez – Sydney Morning Herald Journalist Previously he became a writer and editor in "Daily Life".

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