Monday , September 27 2021

A special statistical secret about Lionel Messi – a cause for geological exploration – 31.12

Lionel Messi is capable of awakening all his passion – on the positive side – no one doubts. Even though he was not yet known, his career could be of considerable interest in the field of science that studies material on the Earth.

In 2015, Catalunya began to experience the lack of effect when Messi's finishing accusations of Gold Nord, called Camp Nou: he spent ten stadiums, 9 for this purpose, and only one in the Golden Judge. Secret.

What could be the reason for such a difference? Science sought the concepts behind evil or metaphysical evil.

"Earth and Technology" publishes a Catholic website in an article published in the 52th issue of the College of Geologists Sports, a geotechnical and vocational expert can explain the statistical interest of geology in the state of Alberta Vendal, Catalonia.

"Gold is on the shale, acid and other solid rocks of the Paleozoic era, enclosed by Quaternorous sediments, and Gold is the predominant substrate and made of clay," said Vandal, who said that Messi would play well in clay. The Mass of the Messiah – a Deep Paleozoic substrate for students of biology, even though it gives jokes about this issue.

Vandal says that Camp Nou is a "gorgeous geological complexity" in Barcelona. From 1955 to 1957, red, solid and dense mud is combined and merged with thick blue clay in the Goldi Sud area under the construction site. Messi. He also said: "Even Camp Nou basements are Blaugrana."

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