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A tourist burned with cats and died a few days later


November 13, 2018

This is a man from England. During a vacation in Morocco, he was hit with a knife. The British authorities reported that it was a rabid.

Koth Morocco

Morocco – The British tourist decided to go to Morocco to see the holidays. Unfortunately, they were the last.

According to the newspaper Guardian, a person whose identification was not transcended, the cat was humming and died after anger.

The Public Health Department of the United Kingdom (PHE) has warned all residents of the country on Monday, November 12, after the illness. However "No risk" the general public has reported that the family and friends of the victim and the medical staff who assisted them will be trained and vaccinated.

Karma | He wanted to frighten the cats and the fate he had with him

According to the British portal, Jimmy Whitworth, International Public Health Professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, noted that it was "The person who was in contact with the neck behaved unusually". According to him, the tourist, "He drew attention to Morocco and the UK, but, unfortunately, it was too late when he was vaccinated". This expert appreciated "Just a few weeks ago, this man cats come out".

Angered cats in Morocco

How does the World Health Organization describe rabies? "Infectious viral disease that ends almost immediately after clinical symptoms occurring".

According to the organism, "Up to 99% of people are infected with domestic dogs. However, the disease also affects both domestic and wild animals It is usually spread through people with saliva or scratching«

WHO explains this among symptoms "Kuwait's incubation period usually lasts from 1 to 3 months, but can take from one to one year, depending on factors such as vaccination and viral load. The first symptoms are fever accompanied by pain or paresthesia in the wound area. Paresthesia is a burning or burning sensation that is not caused by stress, itching, or any other cause. As the virus spreads through the central nervous system, progressive inflammation of the brain and spinal cord leads to death«

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