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According to archaeologists, the Bible destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah 10 as an asteroid explosion MEGATON Science News


In the Bible, God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because the people were sinners. According to the book of Genesis, "the Lord begged Sodom and Gomorrha sulfur and the Lord out of heaven. And he has put to flight all these cities and all the inhabitants of the cities and all that is in the earth. "+

Scientists believe that they discovered the sites of archaeological sites in the city, but gave a scientific commentary on why their location was eliminated.

According to archaeologists, cities are located in the northeast of the Dead Sea.

Interestingly, on the sites, scientists have found some foreign minerals called as a result of an extremely asteroid explosion in the region.

The radioactive atomic bomb is about 3,700 years ago-an asteroid explosion that fits in Bible times.

The researchers called the 3.7KYrBP Kikkar Event an asteroid explosion and provided more than 10 megaton airplanes.

The archeologist and Bible scholar Philip Sylvia of Southwestern University of Trinity said that the explosion would go off in a 25-kilometer rotating plane and destroy the surrounding areas.

Professor Silvia says that it is the site where Sodom and his city, Sodom and Gomorrah, are digging down the ruins of Tall El Hamam, Bronze Age, and is the largest proof of the small explosion of the asteroid.

Professor Silvia and her team have published their research website, Tall Hammam: "The site has begun in the 4,000-year-old growing millennium as an open agricultural society.

"However, at the beginning of the third millennium, serious problems in relative peace in the region resulted in the construction of a solid defense system in Tall-el-Hammam.

The phenomenon leading to the destruction of civilization of "Jordan's well-watered plain" and the cessation of reaction for many centuries are now being exposed by an analysis of "influence" researchers from seven participating universities.

"The most productive farmland in the region, which continuously promotes prosperous civilizations, should unexpectedly quit for at least 3,000 years, and then object to the fact that a man's house for such a long period of time requires an investigation.

Physical evidence from the Tall Hammam and Neighboring Sites points to the signs of high destructive noise and heat that can be expected of in Genesis 19.

"Soil / ash samples collected from Tall El Hamam meet with Dead Sea Salts, which eliminate soil and contamination of the subsoil that prevented the cultivation of cereals for many centuries after the event."

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