Friday , May 14 2021

Aire de Santa Fe – 11 people who underwent eye surgery

Starr was sent on October 12 Laser surgery by Lasik SMILE. A month later, he shared his Facebook profile, saying he was still struggling to recover.

«The doctor said that he would take three months or more until he felt 100% better"Said the meteorologist. He asked for an offer to overcome the inconvenience in eyes and pain. "If you have any suggestions, I would like to thank you I try to be strong and I can handle ithe said.

Furthermore, in Ontario, Canada, Paul Fitzpatrick says his parents have taken his own life. After 20 years, there are side effects he was exposed to laser eye surgery.

The Starr family knew about it The meteorologist suffered neuralgial neuralgia, which affected the spinal cord and caused painless pain.

In fact, a group of patients created a community called Lacique Societies to support all conditions postoperative pain is unstable.

According to the group leader, Paula Coffer, there are 11 cases of sadness in Starr and Fitzpatrick.


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