Sunday , August 14 2022

Alpha Romeo introduced two of the newest models, Giulia and Stelvio


New Italian models have been offered to surprise the interior of the Italian lounge, with the cocktails of the best drinks in Italy, as well as to enter into cars and showcase the Italian design.

The Julia our country has three versions: only 8 gearboxes have an automatic gearbox: engine with 200 cylinder 200 cylinder 2 liter and rear tractor; 4 cylinders of 280 engine wagons and an integrated tractor Q4 for the Veloce version, and the Giuseppe Quadrifoglio rear-wheel drive with Ferrari 510 CV's V6 2.9 engine.

Also SUV Stelvio Q4 comes with a full Intelligent drive and a four-cylinder, two-liter 200 and 280 hp, with an 8-speed automatic transmission.

Brand fans, Carla Peterson It was fun together Juan Minyuzhin they also have the fastest sedan in the world, Julia and two cars to see the most prestigious SUV Stelvio in Europe. They also participated Sabrina Garciaarena next to German Paoloski, Benja Alfonso, Soul Fandinho, Carlos Melkonian, Christian Rattazzi and Emilia Attias along with others.

"Argentina is two Alfa Romeo products, two of which are the world's fastest, designer, security and fastest in the world – the first Latin American country, each of its categories, when violating speed records in Nürburgring"he says Carolina Belcastro, the president of the brand in our country.

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